The Photography Show – ‘Women in Photography’


There’s another good reason to attend The Photography Show, I say ‘another’ because I am of course referring to the seminars that I will be presenting about mobile photography and art – to learn more about those and to get a discounted ticket, go here.

The Photography Show – held at the NEC in Birmingham from 21-24 March – is one of the biggest photographic events in the year, bringing together the very best of the photographic industry.

Part of The Photography Show’s appeal is that it provides a platform to address and champion all aspects of the photographic world. In-keeping with this ethos the show has introduced a panel discussion that focuses on Women in Photography, a subject that is topical for the industry and still very much discussed and debated.

A panel of women, all leaders in their chosen field, will discuss the position of women in photography as seen from their own experience and perspectives.

Facilitator, Bridget Coaker, Founder of Troika Editions and Picture Editor for The Guardian and The Observer explains “The resurgence of feminism and issues of gender equality make the debate around the role of women in photography relevant not only to the photographic industry but  to women’s position in society more generally. Women work either side of the camera, as maker or subject and as importantly women are often the leaders, taste-makers and educators within the photography world, yet it is the men who command the high prices in galleries and are chosen for high profile fashion and advertising commissions.”

The three key themes open to discussion will be:

  •  Does photography have a gender bias?
  •  Raising the profile of women photography – should we rely on more traditional strategies of encouragement to help break through?
  •  Networking and self promotion, confidence and self belief. Are they enough?

Coaker goes on to say “This will be a great opportunity to hear how women can succeed and what obstacles still remain to be overcome. Expect a lively discussion from both the panel and questions from the floor.”

The panel discussion takes place 14:00-15:30 on Monday 23rd March in the Toute Suite.


The Photography Show is supported by the Royal Photographic Society, the Master Photographers Association, the Association of Photographers, the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, The Societies, The Disabled Photographers’ Society and FORMAT Festival.

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