Joanne Carter Lecture on Mobile Imagery at DigiFun Art Festival 2015 – Seoul Museum of Art – Part 8


I hope you’re all following the posts relating to my lecture at the Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea on 23 September 2015.  If you have missed any, please go here. It was a huge honour for me to be invited by DigiFun Art to participate in the DigiFun Art: Urban Scape Mobile Photography & Art Exhibition and Festival at this most prestigious museum.  

I divided my two hour+ lecture into sections, if you’ve missed those, please go here. Part 8 was my ‘one more thing’ section. I wanted to show the Korean audience the incredibly creative work of MaryJane Sarvis. As many of you know, Sarvis uses her mobile photography art designs to create the most incredible silk scarves. I explained a little about Sarvis and then played this fabulous video – it was the most perfect climax to my lecture.

Many of the audience came up to me at the end of this presentation, to ask for her contact details.  I will add them here:




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