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I published a post earlier this morning mentioning that you can help sustain TheAppWhisperer (TAW) by clicking on any links you might find within the site to make purchases. It will not cost you anymore, our share will come from affilate links. Some readers commented that they make a lot of purchases through Amazon, we have added a widget to our right hand column on the site and this will take you directly to any Amazon store throughout the world, wherever you are based and it should link up with our Skimlinks partner to pay an affiliate rate.

Any help is very gratefully received, of course. Anything you buy at Amazon (not just photo items) will be credited to TAW as long as you initiate the session from our Amazon link here and make your selection and complete your purchase in the same session. We do not get credit for anything already in your shopping cart, even if you put it there on a previous visit from our site. If you’re planning on making purchases for Thanksgiving, Christmas or anything like that, please consider clicking on our widget.


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