Purchases Through TheAppWhisperer (TAW) – How You Can Help!


I wanted to let you know that you can help sustain TheAppWhisperer (TAW) by clicking on any links you might find within the site to make purchases. It will not cost you anymore, our share will come from affilate links. Unfortunately, Apple do not offer hardware affiliate links, this is why we have a B&H link for would be purchases to their store for example. They sell Apple hardware but of course this is by no means obligatory. We have a Skimlinks embed code within our site, they link directly with affililate programs, saving us the time of directly setting up individual affiliate links.

Currently and for the past almost 7 years, TheAppWhisperer has been supported (financed and it’s quite an undertaking) by my husband Kevin Carter and today, is quite an emotional day. It was this day, last year that Kevin found his father, literally, who had passed away in his kitchen. We live with the guilt that had Kevin not been working so hard, we may have been able to reach his father before his awful death. We all know, life is hard.

So, please don’t feel obligated in anyway, I just thought I would mention it as I wanted to be completely transparent.

This is a chart demonstrating the period of sales from 18 October 2015 to 15 November 2015 via TheAppWhisperer.

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