Streets Ahead – Women’s Mobile Street Photography – New Challenge – ‘Panning’


We are proud to announce a new Challenge to our Women’s Mobile Street Photography Collective – Streets Ahead.  The details are below and the selected images will be portrayed in a showcase later in the month, for an example of that, please see here.

CHALLENGE 13: Panning

Deadline 20 July 2016

Time for a new challenge. Panning on the street with your mobile phone. Panning is not about movement, it is movement, and that’s what makes it challenging: it’s the following of a moving subject along its plane of motion. Most often it’s a horizontal plane with the subject a runner, a rider and so on. Essentially, you should be striving to keep something within the picture sharp. Try to decide which element of the image you want to keep sharp.

To help you with this challenge we suggest you download Slow Shutter Cam. If you set the shutter speed within the app to 0.5 seconds, for faster moving subjects, you’ll get some great effects. Freeze Control is available in Motion Blur and Light trail modes. As the developers of Slow Shutter Cam explain “the Freeze control allows you to put more or less emphasis on the first or last frame of a capture session. Moving the slider to the left will put more emphasis on the first frame, while moving the slider to the right will put more emphasis on the last frame”.

A recap of the rules and procedure for entry:

1. Maximum of three entries per person – please do not upload any other images to this group as it has been created specifically for the challenge only. The admins will delete images that are not relevant.

2. Upload your images to the group on flickr that has been created specifically for the challenge entries.

3. Please label your image ‘Challenge 13: Panning’

4. Photos from a mobile device only please.

5. As this group is to highlight women photographers, we will only accept work shot by women.

‘Time is like a Repetitive Circle’ – Karen Axelrad

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