Mobile Movies – ‘Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary’ – Summer Challenge Results


Welcome to our ‘Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary’ Summer Challenge Results. Thank you all so much for participating and sharing your images to our Mobile Movies Flickr Group.

Many congratulations to the following artists for being featured in this Challenge:  April Lynn, Jo Sullivan, Suku Mehmet Omur, Dani Salvadori, Tessfa and Clarisse Debout.

‘Summer Song’ – April Lynn

An enchanted garden, flowers, plants, a lake or a river .. All the scenery is mysterious and music creates a fairy-tale atmosphere. The camera moves slowly and the Glitché effect colors the image. Wonderful work!

‘All the Good Drugs’ – Jo Sullivan.

Jellyfish in an aquarium move read and they seem to dance. They are elegant as dancers! The camera moves slowly and the red color of jellyfish capturing the viewer’s gaze. Music interesting and full of energy in this movie! Great!

All the Good Drugs#makingtheordinaryextraordinary

‘Time’ – Suku Mehmet Omur

A train runs fast and it has so many passengers on board. Suddenly the movement slows down and it is possible to see better men and women inside the wagons. A man and a woman pass before the viewer and they turn away. Slow Motion is here functional to the story. It shows otherwise invisible characters. Really interesting!



‘Now Walk’ – Dani Salvadori

The movie shows two feet walking on the shore of a beach. The steps are slow while the waves arrive and depart. The music helps to create a magical and surreal atmosphere. Great mood! Well done!

Now Walk #MakingtheOrdinaryExtraordinary

‘Jeux d’enfants 2’ – Tessfra.

A group of children playing with water spray gushing out of the ground in a square. Slow Motion emphasises their joy, laughter, racing. The atmosphere is happy and carefree. The music accompanying the images with a playful rhythm. Lovely movie!

Jeux d'enfants 2

‘Les Garçons’ – Clarisse Debout.

Two boys are getting ready to take a dip in a swimming pool. Slow Motion slows their movements and the movie shows their complicity, the smallest expects the biggest start the jump and they both smile. The music has a playful mood and the atmosphere is joyful. Lovely!

Les garçons

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