Mobile Photography – Saturday Poetry – ‘Pillow’ – Jana Prikryl


This weeks Saturday Poetry, matched with mobile photography/art is entitled ‘Pillow’ by Jana Prikryl. Poet and editor Jana Prikryl was born in the Czech Republic. At age six, she immigrated to Canada with her family. Prikryl earned a BA from the University of Toronto and lived in Dublin before moving to New York, where she earned an MA in cultural criticism from New York University. She is the author of the poetry collection The After Party (2016). Her poetry and criticism appear widely, in magazines and journals such as the New Yorker, the Paris Review, the London Review of Books, the Nation, the Baffler, and the New York Review of Books. Her essays on photography and film appear regularly in the New York Review and the Nation.

Prikryl has received a fellowship from Yaddo and is the recipient of a Creative Writing Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. She is a senior editor at the New York Review of Books”. Source: Poetry Foundation

Source: The After Party (Tim Duggan Books, 2016), via Poetry Foundation

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‘Pillow’ – Jana Prikryl

How solitary

and resolute you look in the morning.

A stoic in your cotton sleeve.

Do you dream of walking out


rain or shine

a truffle balanced on your sternum

and passing me on the sidewalk?

Or is that a smile


because you interpret nothing

and statelessness is where you live?

How calmly you indulge my moods.


See you tonight, by the sovereign chartreuse

ceramics at the Met.

Let’s hear what you’d do differently.

Source: The After Party (Tim Duggan Books, 2016), via Poetry Foundation

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