Procreate Updated with Massive Improvements


Just in time for Christmas and what a wonderful gift to us all from the developers, Savage Interactive, of Procreate – one of the very best apps for all mobile artists.

This update is huge, it includes a selection of the most requested features and added to that, the developers have added phenomenal speed and stabilitiy improvements.

I will list the updated feature list below, but please do not hesitate updating this app. It’s free to update, if you have already bought it, if not, it will set you back $5.99/£4.49 and you won’t regret a spending a single penny/cent.

Click here to download/update Procreate.

(Many thanks for the wonderful tip off from Carolyn Hall Young).

What’s New?

– Layer Groups

This is too exciting to joke about. You can now group layers. Groups give you new ways to organize your layers in tidy, satisfying ways. If you really like groups, why not add a group to your group of groups? Groups.

– PSD Import

Yep, you read that right. Import. Directly import your PSD files with layers and everything. The paintings you painstakingly made in Adobe® Photoshop® are no longer dead to you.

– Live Broadcast

Have you ever had to awkwardly hold a camera so you can show everyone how you Procreate? No more! With the touch of a button, you can broadcast your creative process live through your favourite streaming service.

– Screen Capture

Record your entire Procreate screen and export it for later or share it straight away. Include your iPad’s camera and microphone to add face and face noises.

– Layer Locking

Keep your artwork safe by locking layers or Groups to prevent them being modified or deleted.

– Multiple Layer Select

Swipe layers or Groups to select as many as you like, then delete or move all selected layers at once.

– Multiple Layer Transform

Why transform alone when you can move, scale, shear, and distort multiple layers at once? Too many single operations and you’ll go blind.

– Keyboard Shortcuts

Connect your keyboard and use many of the industry standard shortcuts you’re used to. Now you can access Procreate’s advanced features faster than ever before.

– Massive Brushes

You can now increase your max brush size to a gargantuan 1600%. Perfect for those of you that want to paint your entire canvas in single brush stroke.

– Color Wheel

We used to give you equal amounts of all colors, but it turns out that’s bad for painting. Now there’s lots more yellow and orange in your hue ring.

– Rapid Undo & Redo

Now you can fix your mistakes quicker than you make them. Just hold your fingers on the canvas to continuously Undo or Redo until you lift off again.

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