Mobile Photography Interview ‘A Day in the Life of Ile Mont’ from Mexico City


Welcome to our very exciting interview column on This section entitled “A Day in the Life of…” is where we take a look at some hugely influential, interesting, newcomers as well as accomplished individuals in the mobile photography and art world… people that we think you will love to learn more about. This is our 128th interview of the series. If you have missed our previous interviews, please go here.

Today we are featuring our very own Portrait of an Artist column editor, Ile Mont, she is an essential part of TheAppWhisperer and we adore her, as you will also, when you view and read this exclusive interview.

We are sure you are going to enjoy this, if you would like to take part in our A Day in the Life interview series, please send an email to myself at and I will get back to you.

Ile Mont

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Portrait of an Artist Column

‘Twice Broken’ ©Ile Mont

Let’s start at the beginning of the day, how does your day start?

For me, every day starts very early and with a routine of the most conventional household chores to be completed before being able to create art.

Image ©Ile Mont

Do you like to head out and take photographs early on?

Not at the moment. But I would love to if I could. Although I am always with my iPhone by my side, aware of everything, just in case a good photo opportunity comes along.

‘Lonely’ ©Ile Mont

How did the transition from traditional photographer to mobile photographer developed?

I guess it developed pretty much as everybody else’s did, by having a camera always at hand through the mobile phone and through the curiosity and amazement of what could be done with it.

‘Of Light and Space’ ©Ile Mont

Do you like to download new mobile photography and/or art apps regularly?

Although I have my favorites, yes, I like to check out for new stuff on a regular basis. Sometimes I download apps that I uninstall the same day, and sometimes I have found apps that have made me very happy and I found them to be very useful since the first day until now.

‘Sunday’ ©Ile Mont

What is your preferred platform, Apple iOS, Android, Windows?

Since it first appeared I have always been an Apple girl, from the very first Macintosh to the latest iPhone 7. I believe Apple has a huge creative background that makes them understand better the artist’s necessities. So they can offer the best and widest range of apps and tools to support and enhance creativity.

‘Walk on By’ ©Ile Mont

Would you consider changing platform and why?

Not really. But if I were to change platforms one day, it would be due to absurd and unfair user agreements and privacy policies, that each day turn more unbearable and ludicrous.

‘Wanting Contact’ ©Ile Mont

How often do you update your existing apps?

I try to do it on a monthly basis. I do not like to look at the number of updates grow without doing something about it.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

What are your favourite photography/videography apps and why, what features do you look for in a new app?

My favorite apps are those that allow me to expand my creativity and push my abilities forward. I especially like iColorama, I find it very creative and resourceful. I also like Mextures, Stackables, Snapseed and Union.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

Where’s your favorite place in the world to shoot and why?

I haven’t been too much around but I would say Japan must be one my favorite places in the world, because everything is so different to the world I have grown up in. From buildings, to people, to nature, everything is admirable, surprising and new. The aesthetics and craftsmanship are amazing. But since I can’t be in Japan as often as I would wish to, my favorite place, anywhere else in the world I find myself, are the parks and the streets where there is so much going on: the passing of the people, what they are doing, the shadow of the trees… I am very much attracted to the interaction of individuals and their spaces.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

Where do you like to upload your photographs to  Flickr, Instagram, etc?

I like Flickr a lot. I have been using it for many years now. I use Instagram because it is very social, and unfortunately it is the strongest photograph social network around yet and, although they could be considered the same thing now,  it definitely seems to me a better alternative to Facebook, because all of the permissions and blurred copyright policies. I am waiting for a social network exclusively for mobile photographers and artists, under the IG concept maybe, that would be respectful and serious enough to shelter safely the art of our community.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

Do you use your mobile phone everyday to take images?

Yes. Absolutely. Every single day the whole day through.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

Do you like to use external hardware products with your mobile device for image and video capturing, such as lenses, tripods, external storage and battery packs?

Sometimes I use macro or wide lenses and tripods and selfie sticks, but very few times, really.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

Do you edit your images in your mobile devices or do you prefer to use a desktop or laptop computer?

Never. The images I take with my iPhone are completely worked there too or on an iPad. Never in a laptop or desktop. For me that is one of the basic principles of mobile photography.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

Where do you envisage your mobile photography passion will take you? Have you been involved with exhibitions, etc?

Perhaps and fortunately, to a place in history where my work would be seen as a relevant and interesting contribution to a new and passionate artistic form of Photography in the 21st Century.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

Where do you see the future of mobile photography?

I see it pretty much as a chapter of the history and evolution of photography and the visual arts. I foresee that the technology is going to keep up updating lenses, cameras, processes, etc. that will keep changing, improving and becoming more amazing.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

What do you think is the most popular area of mobile photography?

Regarding to the volume, I would say that the social media and street photography are the most popular.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

Do you think it is country specific, are some nations most clued up?

I would not think mobile photography is specific of any country, although, obviously, for a lot of reasons such as economical and cultural for example, there are countries where it is more popular and more supported.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

If you could select a specification for smartphone, what features would you select, photographically speaking?

This is a hard one… But maybe I would ask for better image processing under low light, better image stabilization and 3D features for shooting and visualization.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

What do you think of Joanne and

I believe that Joanne Carter, through has become a very valuable and priceless source for the best mobile photography and art available. I think Joanne has embraced an incredibly praiseworthy and unselfish project to harbor and promote mobile art and photography, as a personal mission for the community’s sake. She’s the driving force and the glue of a great and talented community of artist thriving to establish a new era for photography.

Untitled ©Ile Mont

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