Mobile Photography – Saturday Poetry – “Flickering” by David Rivard


This weeks Saturday Poetry, matched with mobile photography/art is entitled ‘Flickering’ by David Rivard. “David Rivard was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. His collections of poetry include Torque (1988), which won the Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize, Wise Poison (1996), winner of the James Laughlin Award, Bewitched Playground (2000), Sugartown (2005), and Otherwise Elsewhere (2010). He has also been a contributor to such publications as Ploughshares, The New England Review, and Poetry, and is a former editor of The Harvard Review.

His awards and honors include the Pushcart Prize, the Celia B. Wagner Award from the Poetry Society of America, fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Guggenheim Foundation, and the Hardison Poetry Prize from the Folger Shakespeare Library. Rivard teaches in the University of New Hampshire MFA Program in Writing”. Source: Poetry Foundation

Source: David Rivard, “Flickering” from Standoff. Copyright ©2016 by David Rivard, via Poetry Foundation

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‘Flickering’ by David Rivard

“I see you,” she says—

one of the flickering homeless with gray

alehouse hair, pale blue


eyes, crunchy lips—a methadone-

troubled moth by the YMCA—but who

does she see?—is it


the chubby, right-handed schoolboy

sent out by the nuns

at St. Joseph’s to clap


the chalkboard erasers clean?

Or the giddy

teenage shipping clerk at lunch break


smoking pot for the first time

behind a curtain factory

shed? Perhaps the middle-aged


mortgagee? Maybe an ex-

proofreader in lawyerland or betraying husband?

Maybe the good loser? How about


the new father smiling in tears?

Why not

the complainer’s


ally, or the devoted wanker,

or the inert

doubter, or the annoyancer


or toddler?—

if not the circumspect bald man,

crank, or


unselfish lecturer—

or does she see each of them?—

maybe each


would like

a lantern to carry;

tho there are



near enough lamps

for all.


David Rivard, “Flickering” from Standoff. Copyright © 2016 by David Rivard Source:PoetryFoundation

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