My Latest Vogue Column Feature Article Published with Photographer Niko Giovanni Coniglio


So excited! My latest Vogue interview has just been published, this time I interviewed Niko Giovanni Coniglio.  Conigilio is an extremely talented photographer and I adore his work. “Tuscany-based photographer Niko Giovanni Coniglio (1987) has developed a portraiture oeuvre rooted in his quest to establish and deepen his relationship with his mother. His latest series of work, ”Daniela, Portrait of my Mother” includes photographs of her naked body and looks to the complexity of their relationship.  This series shows Coniglio’s mother over a long period of time and it is one of continuum, he describes it as a ‘life project’”.

Please read more of this interview, here.  My column at Vogue looks at the philosophy of the photographer as well as their incredible portfolios.

Read the whole article here


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