Mobile Photography – TrueView Interview “Why Do You Create Mobile Photography/Art?” with M. Cecilia São Thiago currently based in Paris, France


Our TrueView Interview section is an area where we ask one singular question, to mobile photographers and artists and it is captured to video. This time we asked exceptionally accomplished Mobile Artist M. Cecilia Sao Thaigo, “Why Do You Create Mobile Photography/Art?”

Many artists are working on their videos right now and each video is as unique and individual as each artist. We are fully conscious and respectful that you are all capturing a part of yourself and sharing it with us and we love it.  Thank you.

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M. Cecilia Sao Thaigo

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TrueView Interview

Transcript of TrueView Interview

Answering “Why I create mobile photography/art images “

Well, first of all I must tell about myself, and to do this, I’ll make a analogy with the zodiac ♏️ sign I have. There’s nothing about my person that isn’t deep, passionate and intense

Years ago, learning art I could understand that everything I did was made from the deep understanding of what I was. 

I am always eager to explore mysteries and get to the bottom of things and my boundaries comes from my ability to transform every feeling I have, as love, hate, pain etc into art. 

Creativity breeds success it is vital to culture internal creativity.

I don’t like to watch TV and play cards I Make art instead.

Art is a lifelong challenge and infinite intellectual puzzle.

I meet interesting people and make real connections.

Digital technologies enable you to easily share your results with the world.

Getting lost in the moment while creating art is liberating beyond anything else I have experienced.

There is no wrong answer.

 I don’t even have to share it with the world, in fact I probably share only about 5% of what I make with the world.  

Art and creative, expressive freedom is something that each and every person is capable of.  To not at least create some art is to not fully embrace your internal capabilities.

Photography is art.  Art is really whatever we make of it, the definition is so wide open.

I learn things about myself I didn’t know

During hours spent alone engaged in your creative task, your thoughts and mindset will be shifted into a state of complete freedom from stress, anxiety and negativity.  Having a flow experience is something beyond words.

I challenge myself to consistently grow.

Making art is the ultimate brain boost.

Once engaged in a form of art, your mind will constantly be churning with new thoughts, ideas and imagery in a positive way.

It change the way I think about the world.

In a good kind of way.  I see possible pictures in everything I do, beauty and patterns in things I  did not saw before.

Art is a way to connect with others on a deeper level than anything else.

Art is the most intimate form of self expression.

Through art I Find passion. 

If you have lost that incredible passion you once had for life, finding a form of art to work on, is a surefire way to re-spark it.

An amazing, unexpected byproduct of making art is that I can bring happiness to thousands of people I’ll never meet (this is something amazing about sharing art through digital technologies).  And, once in awhile I’ll get an email from someone letting me know how much my art means to them.  It’s an indescribable feeling.

I find incredible meaning in life by pursuing creative expression. 

Many in society have a fear of being alone.  But, I can guarantee I am not among those who fear solitude.  In fact, embrace it and find that time to be some of my favorite moments alive while working on my iPad. 

Art is the ultimate personal healer.

I think an edited photo can reveal more details and make the observer’s eye go directly to the point where I want it. 

And above all, because I see no difference between photography and art.

It is my posture and true purpose towards photography that determines that it is more art than a document.

iPhoneography is one of the most fulfilling things I can do as a conscious and creative person.

Many items here ware made with the help from the original texts by Googler Adam Singer, and with ArtStudioApp. 

With love ❤️ to Joanne Carter and TheAppWhisperer.

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  1. Maria Cecilia, I am touched by your comments as well as your images. What a joy to see such a flow of them. Indeed, making mobile art is one of the most healing activities in my life, as well. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here.

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