Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @iphoneartgirl Meri Walker and @dleibo – David Leibowitz – Day 4 the story so far…

Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @iphoneartgirl Meri Walker and @dleibo – David Leibowitz – Day 4 the story so far…


We are so excited with our latest Instagram TAKEOVER this time with @iphoneartgirl – Meri Walker and @dleibo – David Leibowitz. Singularly they are hugely talented mobile photographers and artists but combined, they are a phenomenal force of mobile talent! We are so honoured that they have taken over our Instagram feed for fourteen days. I particularly like how they put into words, what these discoveries mean to them, take a look, I’m sure you will agree. This is what they have seen so far…

On Day 4 they highlighted a fabulous image by @hpoliophoto – Herbert Polio and they write @iphoneartgirl here for @theappwhisperer featuring this incongruous, inexplicable, utterly poetic street photo by @hpoliophoto. One of the best things about this opportunity to curate for TAW is the opportunity to scan the enormous variety of photography and mobile artwork tagged to this feed every day. I’m personally astounded at the versatility of Herbert Polio’s eye and his astounding compositional skills while doing street work. Do you take a look at his feed!”

Later in the day they featured another mobile artist with huge talent @congarose – Connie Rosenthal and they write “On the other side of straight “street work” is well-executed photography that is deliberately edited to lift it out of pure documentary. It’s not always easy to make a clear distinction between street photography and mobile art… but there’s no other way to speak about this image from @congarose than to call it mobile art. Connie Rosenthall is prone to this kind of wild and crazy boundary crossing and it makes her best work utterly fascinating to me, @iphoneartgirl. Do take a look at her feed if you don’t know her work”.

Finally on Day 4 they featured @parttimedreams – Jormain Cady and they write @dleibo here for @theappwhisperer : making my selection today was hard, with so many spectacular images, but this image by @parttimedreams kept me coming back again and again. I’ve been shooting slo-shutter images since the 70’s, using a 35mm camera and then, every kind of recording device since, so I’m very familiar with the genre. This one has such an immaculate composition that I turned to @parttimedreams collection of posts and was similarly rewarded. This is clearly not their first picnic. I find the geometry here perfect. The sip of color in the figure’s face instantly defines the rest of the space as void of color, not black and white. The entire lower half, void of light, dark and detail, somehow balances the image. I also love that it’s not trying so hard to be great and in it’s humility finds greatness”.




@parttimedreams – Jormain Cady

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