Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @iphoneartgirl Meri Walker and @dleibo – David Leibowitz – Days 8 – 10 the story so far…

Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @iphoneartgirl Meri Walker and @dleibo – David Leibowitz – Days 8 – 10 the story so far…


We are so excited with our latest Instagram TAKEOVER this time with @iphoneartgirl – Meri Walker and @dleibo – David Leibowitz. Singularly they are hugely talented mobile photographers and artists but combined, they are a phenomenal force of mobile talent! We are so honoured that they have taken over our Instagram feed for fourteen days. I particularly like how they put into words, what these discoveries mean to them, take a look, I’m sure you will agree. This is what they have seen so far, our feed is full of wonderful discoveries, please look…

On Day 8 @iphoneartgirl highlighted the work of @emilio.nadales and she writes @iphoneartgirl here for @theappwhisperer and I’m compelled to feature this shot/story by @emilio.nadales. I’m unfamiliar with Emilio’s work until today but this piece and his story about how it came to be are quintessential b&w street photography. Read his story and check out his feed. It’s so worth your time!”

Later on Day 8 @iphoneartgirl discovered the work of @lselister and she writes @iphoneartgirl again for @theappwhisperer in a beautiful Friday afternoon. I’m a sucker for this kind of wild serendipity when I’m out shooting myself, so I want to feature another photographer today, @lselister, whose work is also new to me. The simple magic of being in the right place at the right moment is one of mobile photography’s greatest gifts, is it not?”

A little later on Day 8 @iphoneartgirl highlighted this work by @norlink1 and she writes “Number three for today: @norlink1‘s classic bnw made modern with his mobile photography technique. I love Kurt’s wide -ranging experiments with his iPhone, grounded as they are in many decades of traditional photography and printmaking. If you don’t know Kurt’s work already, do check out his feed!”

On Day 9 @dleibo highlighted the work of @lillorizzo and he writes @dleibo here for @theappwhisperer : I love Mobile Digital Art and totally enjoy looking carefully at the submitted collection of images, but this one by @lillorizzo made me stop and reconsider the task at hand. Confronted by this image, I was forced to look at the big picture and gained some powerful perspective in the process, much needed right now. Lillian Rizzo uses his mobile device to bring the plight of refugees and their suffering to the light of day and to this visuaI forum. The humanity and silent pride of his subjects, so sensitively captured, leaves me honored and amazed, which is why I’m sharing it with you.”

On Day 10 @iphoneartgirl discovered @tatsmosc and she writes @iphoneartgirl here for @theappwhisperer with another feature from a mobile photographer who’s new to me, @tatsmosc. Both the tones and the lines in this dramatic b&w piece make my heart sing. There’s more to discover in Maria’s gallery, so do take a look when you have some time”.

Later on Day 10 @dleibo highlighted and discovered @incomprehensiblebugfx and he writes @dleibo here for @theappwhisperer : This image by @incomprehensiblebugfx has just enough mystery to capture my attention. At first glance, I see a little girl at play, but further inspection makes me less sure of that. The sticks resemble kindling and the egg shaped object has swallowed the child. We can’t see her face, so we can’t assume anything about her mental state or her safety. There are figures lurking in the background, invisible except for their shoes, adding to the mystery. The edit resembles an alternative process print, giving me a sense that this image is somehow historical, a scary story from another time and place. Or maybe, just a little girl playing…”

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