Mobile Photography – iSights – ‘Nailed it!’ by Janine Graf


We’re excited to publish our latest iSights column article by our fabulous editor Janine Graf. As always, it’s unique and full of humour. It is much harder to be funny than serious, especially on the page. When you write seriously you’re not hindered by the readers’ knowledge that you are trying to be serious. With humour the ‘funny’ writer is constantly measured against this intention to make the reader laugh. Fortunately, for us, Janine Graf is one very real laugh-out-loud funny writer and we’re sure you will love this.  Over to you Janine (foreword by Joanne Carter).

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iSights – “An Introvert in an Overly Social (Media) World” by Janine Graf


“Florida Spring Break: Introvert Style” ©Janine Graf She needed time alone.  Being the quintessential introvert, all the socializing quickly caught up to her. And besides, the giraffes were starting to get on her nerves, especially after the embarrassing photos they … Read more

iSights Column – “Kirk or Picard?” – An Interview With The Incredibly Talented And fellow Sci-Fi fan – Fabio D’Andrea/Fastcomet By Janine Graf


Oh wow, what an interview! We’re delighted to publish the first (of many) interviews by Janine Graf with fellow mobile photographers for her fantastic iSights Column that she has with us here at I love it, thank you to … Read more

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