APPart – Mystic Cat Created


It’s Saturday again and at that means just one thing, APPart, Mel Harrison’s new weekly Column with us. Every Saturday we will publish more of Mel’s incredible work which focuses on digital art and collage images. Each week Mel … Read more

APPart – Mitochondrial DNA


We’re delighted to publish Mel Harrison’s first article for her brand new weekly column with us, entitled APPart. Mel has written a wonderful tutorial that many women will certainly intimately understand and one that all men and women will marvel … Read more

iPhone and iPad Art Tutorial – ‘The Littlest Egliid’ by Mel Harrison


Many people have been in awe of Mel Harrison’s outstanding character creations and rightly so, they are incredible. Mel is now publishing a children’s book with this character and many more included. We were desperate to find out how Mel … Read more

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