Brand New Limited Edition Prints by Award Winning Artist, Lorenka Campos, Now Available


We are delighted with our addition of two brand new exclusive and collectible Limited Edition Prints by Multi Award Winning Mobile Artist, Lorenka Campos, to our online gallery. Available to purchase for the first time on museum-grade archival paper stocks in limited edition print runs.

Each artwork is verified by Lorenka Campos as well as the TheAppWhisperer archive. Prints are supplied on museum-grade archival Hahnemuhle Photo Rag photographic papers and provided with TheAppWhisperer Archive certificate of authenticity to provide limited edition provenance.

Limited edition prints accompanied by a numbered holographic certificate digitally signed by the artist in addition to the TheAppWhisperer Archive logo, providing limited edition provenance, particularly relevant should the artwork change ownership in future.

Lorenka Campos has progressively established herself as a fine art mobile photographer, winning awards and taking part in a number of exhibitions throughout the world. Her work is immensely captivating, her images show their inner selves and of the paradox they portray – the paradox of the unstoppable exposure of frailty against raw and enduring strength.

Campos is known for her highly emotive portraiture work. Her style is born of imagination with a storyteller’s heart. While attending Florida School of the Arts, Campos fell in love with the magic of the darkroom and the unlimited possibilities of graphic design. It was this combination that eventually brought her to mobile photography and art. 

Today, she is an Award Winning recognized leader in the Mobile Art and Photography community. Her work has been recognized in international competitions, featured in numerous publications and exhibited worldwide. Campos lives and works in Texas, USA.

View her entire collection here

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Buy Your Own TheAppWhisperer Classic Limited Edition Photograph by Christine O Sobczak


This week we’re launching a new and regular series of exclusive TheAppWhisperer print sales via our Online Gallery. Our Gallery is open 24/7 but we are going to bring you a little closer to each print, each week with this concurrent series.

This week we’re focusing on ‘Celestrial Spheres’ by Award Winning American Artist, Christine O Sobczak. Sobczak, is a photographer that resides between Wisconsin, Chicago and Vero Beach, Florida. She received her BFA in photography in 1994 and thus began her career as a Fine Art Photographer.

The first thing that strikes you about Christine O Sobczak’s photographs is their mesmerising beauty. Sobczak’s technical ability is matched by a more intangible gift which gives her images a sense of stillness and quietude that is rare. For me, Sobczak’s images evoke the hinterland between waking and dreaming, between the tangible and the oddly, unnervingly unreal. They hover there, reminding us of the sense of wonder photography carried in its early days: that alchemical power to captivate and transform.

Several elements distinguish Sobczak’s photographs, the use of natural light and the use of purity of forms, all close to pictoric. Sobczak’s work primarily focuses on the portrait, an artistic genre that she depicts by emphasising ‘the art of divination’ a nod to her inspiration the author Raymond A Moody.  Standing in front of her images, the viewer is encouraged not only to view but to think, deeply. Immutability ensues, loosing the notion of time and inviting constant reflection. Lured into the flow imbuing a sensorial experience, offering a glimpse of peace and spirituality, her images make us relive our own memories while, simultaneously wanting to be part of her own.

Our collection presents three photographs, considered together, they install a mediative sense of harmony and upon closer inspection, nuances in lighting, composition and overall tone reveal themselves – fixing the viewing experience to one of verve, vitality and soul.

You don’t make such an art discovery everyday, today you have.

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