Our APPart Winners of the Mobile Photography Awards!


Our brilliant editor, Bobbi McMurry for our APPart Column has put together this stunning collage of all the images from this group that were awarded in the Mobile Photography Awards. What an incredibly talented group of artists we have!

This is what Bobbi had to say about it: So pleased to present a few of the outstanding images that were recognised in the 7th Annual Mobile Photo Awards – special thanks to Daniel Berman for creating and continuing to provide this venue for mobile artists and photographers to be seen. Also thanks to the judges who work tirelessly to cull the vast entries to make the selections you’ve no doubt seen by now. Lastly, a special thanks to our AppWhisperer who has devoted herself in ways most cannot imagine to providing a resource for all – from those who are just discovering mobile art to professional artists and photographers! Congratulations to everyone!”

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AppArt – The Difference Between AppArt and Apped Photos – Explained


Very recently our uber AppArt Editor, Bobbi McMurry, posted an explanation (with illustrations) between AppArt and Apped Photos to our dedicated Facebook Column. We have taken the liberty of reposting it here to, ensuring that it reaches as many of … Read more

New Cover Art at our APPart Facebook Group by Jenny Pieters


Many thanks to our incredible APPart editor Bobbi McMurry for selecting our new APPart Facebook cover art, this time by Jenny Pieters. We are further graced as Pieters has also detailed her process and we have included it here, thank you both so much.

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Mobile Art – Brand Spanking New Major Procreate Update Coming Soon and we have Promotional codes to Share


We are delighted to work so closely with the Procreate team based in Tasmania, having been privy to their inside beta, we know that they have been working at full pelt to build their biggest release ever. Procreate 4 has … Read more

Mobile Art – APPart Interview with Deborah McMillion (@Hotel Midnight)


Deborah and I “met” through social media a few years ago after I ran across one of her vibrant, retro-feeling, and mysterious creations. Her work is surreal storytelling at its best and is presented to us often – she is … Read more

APPArt Mini #7 Featuring Mobile Artist Vanessa Vox


Please enjoy our seventh post to our new section within our APPart Column entitled – APPart Mini (to view our earlier ones, please go here). This time our editor Bobbi McMurry talks with Vanessa Vox to find out more about her work, over to you Bobbi. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).

Apps: Hipstamatic, iColorama, Big Photo

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Mobile Art – APPart Interview with Wanphen Sangkamee aka: Gummy


We are huge fans of Wanphen Sangkamee aka: Gummy’s mobile artwork here at TheAppWhisperer and absolutely adore this interview between our APPart editor, Bobbi McMurry and Gummy. Please sit down, put your feet up and enjoy this wonderful article with us, for a few minutes in your day (foreword by Joanne Carter).




I love animals though cows and fish aren’t likely to be top of mind when I think of them  that is unless they created by Wanphen Sangamee. There’s a sense of childlike honesty in her painterly strokes and simplistic palette that I don’t see very often within the realms of mobile art. Picasso once said, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like a child”.  Gummy doesn’t take herself too seriously and her intuitive work reveals an openness to maintain a sense of innocent curiosity so many “grow out of” as we become adults. She has intentionally created a lifestyle for herself that embraces her need to experience the world purely and to pour that virtue into her art. I trust you’ll enjoy getting to know a little bit about her.

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Mobile Art – AppArt – ‘My Favourite Things’ Challenge


We are delighted to announce a brand new AppArt Challenge! The details are listed below and the selected images will be presented in a showcase shortly after the challenge is closed. We cannot wait to view your entries!!!

Photos: minimum of 3

Apps: minimum of 2

  • Identify your apps in both Flickr and FB

Subject: “My favorite things”

Number of Entries: Maximum of 3

  • Post only your best images … up to 3 of them.

Deadline: January 20, 2017


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Mobile Art – APPart – Ninth Flickr Group Showcase – TheAppWhisperer


I am delighted to publish our very latest APPart Mobile Art Flickr Group Showcase. Curated and critiqued by our wonderful editor Bobbi McMurry. Over to you Bobbi…(foreword by Joanne Carter).

“AppArt is such a unique and special genre within the mobile community and when done well … is something to marvel at. The last few years have seen many improvements in the capabilities of the apps thereby expanding the repertoire of the artists who create this way. It’s my pleasure to present this showcase containing such fine examples of AppArt, thank you all for sharing your explorations!

I’ve highlighted a special piece from this showcase created by Lorenka Campos, I hope you’ll take time to visit her Flickr feed to further explore her fabulous work”.

Congratulations to all of this week’s featured APPartists: Tuba Koran, Patricia Januszkiewicz, Jane Schultz, Kate Zari Roberts, Cat Morris, Dominique Torrent, Marguerite Khoury, Allyson, Lorenka Campos, Juta Jazz, CLAY3 accidenTal artist, Janice Grinsell, Poetic Medium, Mariett Schrijver, Claude Panneton, Sandra Becker, Eliza Badoiu, Montse Abad, Meri Walker, Amanda Parker, Cecilia Sao Thiago, Carolyn Hall Young, Eric Raddatz, lila_lile, Ile Mont, Ginger Lucero, Gizemkarayavuz, Deborah McMillion, Bret Chenoweth, and Sukru Mehmet Omur.

[Please visit our Artist Directory and find out how we can add you too!]

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APPart – Mobile Art – Pantone Color of the Day – ‘Dusk’ – TheAppWhisperer


Many of you have already seen our new segment to our APPart column here at TheAppWhisperer, edited by Bobbi McMurry.

We would like to inspire all mobile artists to create one image a day using the selected colour of Pantone’s ‘Color of the Day’ – see here (we will announce the colour each day). As well a ‘Color of the Day’, Pantone also link that colour with adjectives and/or nouns.

For your information Pantone’s ‘Color of the Day’ was originally created by renowned astrologer Michele Bernhardt – you can read more about her here.  

Today’s Pantone color of the day is ‘Dusk’ (17-3812) and the accompanying descriptives are ‘Witty, Powerful and Talented’. So, we would like to see your creations using this colour in combination with those words, if possible. It’s a challenge after all!

Once you have created your image, please post it to Instagram with the following hashtag #taw_appart_coloroftheday (please don’t forget the underscores). We will view each uploaded image a day and select a winning creation and this will be published to our main website here as well as being featured throughout our vast social media channels.Many of you have already seen our new segment to our APPart column here at TheAppWhisperer, edited by Bobbi McMurry.

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