Mobile Photography / Art – The Pocket Laboratory Manifesto with Roger Guetta and Bonobo Stone


I am very excited to reveal a new column here at TheAppWhisperer entitled ‘The Pocket Laboratory Manifesto’ this will be edited by two highly accomplished mobile photographers/artists, Roger Guetta and Bonobo Stone.

In their own words they explain:

We both live in Montreal but only sometimes bump into each other at a coffee joint we both frequent.

It took a distance of 2,500 miles for us to collaborate on this document.

The pocket laboratory manifesto is an absurdist’s interpretation of digital art contrived by us both and inspired by a text chat on Facebook that was both irrational and profound, this tiny manifesto is a digital artist call to arms. And by call to arms we mean picking up an iPhone  and waging war against artist myopia with a creative goal of freeing ourselves from the mundane limitations that corporate Art state art deem as culture.

Long live Dada!

We are not Dadaists

or are we….hahahahaha!


All photos in this post ©Bonobo Stone & Roger Guetta

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