Top Tips For Capturing Great Mobile Photography Images At Festivals This Summer


As many of you will be aware, festival season is on the horizon and we are not alone in thinking that they represent fabulous photo opportunities for mobile photographers. We contacted Huawei Ambassador Erik Voake and Huawei European Head of … Read more

Personal Mobile Photo Story with ‎Marguerite Khoury


“Contentment with who we are allows us to be free of the pressure to stay everlasting young.  Believing that time and ageing can be stopped, is a fairy tale. One of the many benefits of ageing is wisdom and the … Read more

Mobile Videography – MoJo – Interview with Chris Demiris and Terri Morgan from LumaTouch


We are delighted to publish the first of a new series of mobile videography developer interviews edited by Vanessa Vox. This week Vox talks with Chris Demiris and Terri Morgan from LumaTouch. I think you will enjoy this very much… (foreword by Joanne Carter)

“LumaClip and LumaFX (released 2016) are two powerful iOS video apps they come highly recommended and are easy to use. Thus, I was very curious to know more about the developers behind these innovative new products.

In 2013 Chris Demiris (Engineering) and Terri Morgan (Design) co-founded ‘LumaTouch’ in Sandy (Utah, USA). Their intention was to ‘create innovative video products that take full advantage of modern touch interfaces’.

Previously Demiris and Morgan were the principal designer and the lead developer of ‘Pinnacle Studio’ for iOS. Their newly founded company ‘LumaTouch’ is still responsible for the updates of this well known and awarded video editing app. Currently a major overhaul of ‘Pinnacle Studio’ and ‘Pinnacle Studio Pro’ is under way.

The secret behind the success of LumaTouch is the development of the ‘SpryEngine’, the result of three years work. Spry is a powerful framework for developing video apps utilising the latest features of iOS. It is for this reason that LumaTouch is taking a leadership position.

The ‘SpryEngine’ is designed to handle many layers. The app LumaFX as an example is built on this basis, and allows to add up to eight real time effects on a clip. This was almost impossible before. It means more speed, more functions and more fun for the users.

Now let’s have a talk with Terri and Chris about their work and their vision”.

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Don McCullin Delivers Fascinating Video Interview


Don McCullin is one of the most celebrated, respected and finest photographers of war and disaster in the world and he is also an incredible landscape photographer. In this very short interview McCullin speaks plainly with intense insight and integrity, he really thrashes through some knotty questions. McCullin’s photography is exemplary and this video represents an masterpiece of truthfulness and feeling. Enjoy!

Read moreDon McCullin Delivers Fascinating Video Interview

Exclusive and Intimate Interview with Thomas Hurst – Photojournalist and Creator of COVR Photo Lens


Thomas Hurst is an admirable man and one that I am very pleased to know and call a friend. Originally, he was introduced to me by one of our Columnists and also good friend, Kevin Kuster – former Senior Photo Editor for Playboy Magazine.  Hurst created the COVR lens case and launched a hugely successful campaign via Kickstarter last year for the iPhone 5 raising over $85,000, today he has launched a new campaign for the iPhone 6, you can read more about that here.

I have been intrigued by Hurst for sometime, and wanted to learn more. Within this conversation, mostly in his own words, Hurst takes us through his experiences of becoming, enduring and surviving being a war photographer. He talks us through his devastation of his wife’s colon cancer diagnosis late in pregnancy and the subsequent loss of his son. He talks about the motivation for creating the COVR Photo Lens – it may not be what you’re thinking and he discusses the production process of this great product.

I am suitably humbled to publish this conversation and thank Thomas from the bottom of my heart, for sharing so much with us today. I wish him every success with his new Kickstarter campaign. Please, enjoy…

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Dreams From The Digital Darkroom – Interview with Co-creator of Photoshop – Thomas Knoll


On February 19, 1990, an unknown software product called Photoshop arrived on store shelves, offering entirely new ways for professional photographers and designers to modify and create digital images. At the time, its creators could never have imagined just how influential Photoshop would become, eventually being used in industries as diverse as publishing, advertising, fine art, web design, film, medicine, law enforcement, fashion, government, video games, and countless other fields.

This interview is with Thomas Knoll who co-created Photoshop with his brother, special effects pioneer John Knoll, about the worldwide phenomenon that the brothers’ team effort has grown into and just how, exactly, it all began, twenty-five years ago…

via Adobe

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Eloise Capet – ‘Bridge of Light’ with Joanne Carter – Mobile Photographer Interview


‘Would you believe me if I told you I was living a second honeymoon right now?’ Eloise Capet talks with Joanne Carter at about her love affair with mobile photography and her future plans.   We are delighted to … Read more

Alessia Glaviano – Vogue Italia’s Senior Photo Editor – Exclusive Interview with Joanne Carter


‘In the age of social networks it’s becoming harder for an image to stand out and become iconic’. Alessia Giaviano Photo Editor of Vogue Italia talks with Joanne Carter at ‘I agree with Fred Richin (Photography and Imaging at … Read more

Chelsea Matiash – The Wall Street Journal’s Photo Editor – Exclusive Interview with Joanne Carter


‘I view mobile photography as a blessing and a curse’ says Chelsea Matiash, Photo Editor at The Wall Street Journal. ‘I think it really is a testament to how valuable photographs are and how drawn we are to images, people … Read more

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