MIRA Mobile Prize 2015 – Exhibition of 50 Shortlisted Photographs – 18 April – 13 June Mira Forum Gallery – Portugal


It is so wonderful to see the images from the opening event of the MIRA Mobile Prize 2015, of which I was very proudly a Jury member. Manuela Matos Monteiro put on the most wonderful show, this is what she had to say;

The day was gorgeous, the exhibition fantastic and a lot of public attend to our exhibition. It was a great idea to project the 200 photo (50 shortlisted+150) because there is so great works worthy to be seen. Some mobile photographers from UK and Spain came to participate and that was really nice. The responsible of Culture in Porto was very proud with the exhibition. We thank again and again to our jury and to all candidates. The event was great because we got splendid photographies and we feel very proud!”

We have attached some images from the opening event below. The exhibition will run until  13 June 2015, so if possible, please try to visit.

To find out more, go here.

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Mobile Camera Club Presents ‘Outsiders’ – Exhibition Open To 28 March 2015


We are pleased to publish news of this wonderful gallery exhibition at the Mobile Camera Club in Paris. It poses the question, “Is street photography almost exclusively the domain of men? All evidence seems to point to this. Firstly, look at the big names: Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, Evans, Frank, Winogrand, Meyerowitz, Klein and many others. Andthe plethora of exhibitions and articles celebrating street photography where not a single piece bearing a woman’s name is to be found? So many male photographers, and yet just a handful of women? Are Abbott, Arbus, Levitt, Model, Franck, or Maier just exceptions?”

Of course we have our own very special Women’s Mobile Street Collection within our Streets Ahead Column, so we already know the answer to this.

If you’re passing by this gallery we recommend a visit, details at the end of this post…

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2015 Sony World Photography Awards – Call for Entries – Enter For Free Today!


Select your best images of 2014 and submit them for free for your chance to win up to US$25,000, international press and exhibition opportunities, new Sony camera equipment, and much, much more.

Click here for more information

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 Call for Entries…With Mobile Category WILD-I


The 51st Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition launches for entries on Monday 5 January 2015 for eight weeks until 26 February 2015. Critiquing the many tens of thousands of submissions to find the winning 101 will be an international jury of experts including National Geographic Senior Editor Kathy Moran, master of nature photographer, Tom Mangelsen, French aerial photographer, Thierry Vezon, and underwater photographer, Dr Alex Mustard.

Sir David Attenborough, who has presented the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards on many occasions, says: ‘Great pictures of nature have one thing in common – they are unforgettable. They can also be a profound source of beauty, wonder and joy.’

Truly great images of nature can transform the way people look at the natural world, challenge opinion and stimulate debate. Whether shot in the remote wilderness, a bustling metropolis, or a back garden, wildlife photography has the power to inspire, excite and amaze.

WPY 2015 judge, Dr Alexander Mustard, says: ‘Like all judges I’m hoping and expecting to see amazing images, the likes of which I’ve not seen before. My best advice for impressing the panel is to make sure your basics are exemplary and then to dare to be different.’

There are 21 categories for both adults and younger photographers exploring the diversity of the world’s flora and fauna, together with the urban and wild environments that both frame the species and play host to dramatic natural events.

In addition, there are two special awards introduced for WPY 2014:  TIMElapse calls on adult entrants to submit up to three sequences each lasting between 45 to 90 seconds, which tell a story or reveal something unique from the natural world, be it behaviour or an event; and WILD-I seeks natural world stories caught on mobile devices from young citizen reporters.

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Illuminating Lyon with the Festival of Lights – Instagram – 2014


Oh, how I would’ve loved to of been here, every year at the beginning of December, the Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights) takes place in the French city of Lyon (@villedelyon), illuminating the city’s parks and building facades with 75 light installations set to music. The festival now attracts huge crowds from all over the world, but began as a Lyonnaise tradition. When plans to unveil a new religious statue in 1852 were thwarted by bad weather, residents placed candles in jars on windowsills as a tribute.

Lyon’s inhabitants still decorate their windows today, but lighting techniques have somewhat advanced since the 19th century. The festival spans four days, culminating on December 8—and each year sees different themes by featured artists and performers.

“It’s a really important event for Lyon,” says local Instagrammer Lucie Malbéqui (@clotildeboisrenard), who uses light and shadow to inspire her Instagram photos. “I think light is one of the most important thing in life, it creates atmospheres: our moods, our sensations are closely related to light.”

“It smells of chestnuts and mulled wine,” adds Lyonnaise Instagrammer Guénaëlle Steinberger (@_guen). “It’s like a taste of Christmas! Since it’s a religious event, the ambiance is very serene and peaceful.” She adds that some of the best spots to view the festival include Place Saint Jean and its cathedral, Place des Terreaux, Place Bellecour, Place des Jacobins and Place Louis Pradel.

Source: Instagram blog

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Creation (Photographie) Mobile – 4 -5 December 2014 – Live Stream Now Available – TheAppWhisperer


Between October 21st and November 23rd, 2014, a call for entries was organized: focusing on Mobile (Photographic) Creation, the initiative was the result of a partnership between the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, and the blog Photophores, dedicated to the promotion of emerging photography.

The organisers received 125 applications demonstrating ‘an immense array of creative work done with mobile technology, from smartphones, tablets, and even drones’.

The Jury of Mobile (Photographic) Creation would like to thank all of the participants for their propositions and their interpretation of the guideline: “three photographs, without any specific subject, dealing with mobile creation”.

This curatorship is being presented today – December 4th and 5th, 2014, at L’Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, (Paris), during the international symposium « Arts and Mobiles » of university research group IRCAV-Paris 3 « Mobile Phone and Creation ». Instead of matching some great themes of the history of photography with the proposals received, we decided to structure the curatorship according to different points: we considered mobile as the origin of creation, their utilization as a studio of treatment post-photography, and, finally, we considered the uses and practices of mobility through the prism of photography.

58 photographers and 83 proposals have been selected to participate in the exhibition of Mobile (Photographic) Creation.

Many congratulations to all the photographers included within this fabulous initiative, including: Cathrine Halsør / Stéphane Mahé / Gérard Trang / Poetic Medium / Ornella Ascolese / Hannibal Renberg / Paul Toussaint / Françoise Teissier / Kat Sloma / Emma Amar / Felix Monasakanian / Jean-Baptiste Grangier / Vanessa Vox / Nicolas Xanthos / Rachel Rom / Eric Houbé /Shawn Young / Mariette Schrijver / Marion Carassou-Maillan / Lynette Jackson / Dan Stone / Roger Guetta / Karen Divine / Patricia Larson / Chris Sallquist / Janine Graf / Emanuel Faria / Pamela H. Viola / Dani Salvadori / Cédric Blanchon / Enzo / Eric Dijkstra / Yannick Brice / Sven / Dale Van Minsel / Lucas Sellier / Jean-Marc Sterno / Cédric Blanchon / Claire Burelli / Romain Estebanr / Julien Tatham / Karine Maussière / Sandra Fastré – Yannick Vigouroux / Marc Chilvers / Clarisse Debout / Wayman Stairs / Brigitte Bauer / Luc Girouard / Matthew Wylie / Marine Lécuyer / Damien Duriez / Stéfanie Le Pape / Caroline MacMoran / Sigrid Sohm / Erik Beck / Adrien Brunel / Marcin Jachim / Stéphane Girardot / Françoise Teissier / Misspixels

Eloise Capet is about to take the stand at this event, she sent the following image in a short time ago.  

To follow the live stream of the event go here.

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‘Tiny Collective in Paris Show’ at the Mobile Camera Club


For the first time, the international collective of photographers “Tiny Collective” will exhibit in Paris, at the Mobile Camera Club gallery.

Created in 2012, this group is composed of 12 street-photographers coming from all parts of the world, who elected their smartphones as their favorite tool to express their creativity.

It comes as no wonder if these gifted urban photographers are social media stars (they have a combined audience of more than 500,000 followers): they are indeed the true heirs of the XXth century photography artists who passionately documented the human condition, adding to it a touch of modernity, aesthetics and personal vision.

Always on the hip, they share the same incredible instinct necessary to seize “decisive moments”, they know how to use light and framing to tell a story and create a vivid and engaging imagery.

Each member of the collective will exhibit a big format image. Tiny members’ works will also be displayed on screen during the exhibition, through videos and slideshows.

Members of the Tiny Collective are: Markus Andersen (Sydney), Carlein Van der Beek (Toronto), Vlad Chirkov (San Francisco), Dan Cristea (Toronto), Cécile Edelist (Paris), Katarina Gavrilica (Zagreb), Crispin D. Giles (Toronto), Richard Koci Hernandez (San Francisco), David Ingraham (Los Angeles), Diana Lopez (New York), Wes Quarles (Atlanta) and Elif Suyabatmaz (Istanbul).

From November 20th 2014 to January 15th 2015, Mobile Camera Club gallery presents “TINY COLLECTIVE IN PARIS” its latest photo exhibition.

Opening on Thursday November 20th 2014 at 6:30pm in presence of 3 members of the Tiny.


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2014 World Press Photo Exhibition – 7 November – 26 November 2014, Royal Festival Hall, London


The World Press Photo Exhibition returns to Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall on 7 November 2014.  World Press Photo is the premier annual international competition in press photography, bringing together award-winning photographs from around the world, which capture the most powerful, moving and sometimes disturbing images of the year.  This year 98,671 images were submitted to the contest by 5,754 photographers, representing 132 different nationalities.  Exhibited without censorship in about 100 cities, in 45 countries all over the world. The World Press Photo Exhibition offers an international showcase for all of the competition’s prize-winning entries, and is considered by many to set a standard in the field of photojournalism.  The exhibition brings together approximately 140 of the winning photographs, most of which were taken in 2013.


7 November – 26 November 2014

Level 2, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

Open daily 10am to 11pm



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Mobile Camera Club, Paris – Presents New Mobile Photography Exhibition


Many thanks to Lynette Jackson, who we just interviewed in our latest Day in the Life Interview series, see here, for letting us know about this new exhibition by the Mobile Camera Club in Paris opening next week.

“One century after the futurist, constructivist and vortices’ movements, six photographers coming from different countries and backgrounds, equipped with their smartphones, question the reality and modernity of their urban environment. Sharing the same fascination as their predecessors for the graphic and geometric imagination that shaped our megalopolises, they use framing, perspective, photomontage or typography to show a world between visible and invisible, real and virtual.

These “image builders” intend to show us parallel worlds, to confuse our senses and present us other ways of perceiving reality, an augmented reality. “The conception that every individual has of the world is and will always remain a construction of his mind, and one can never prove that it has any other existence. “

Erwin Schrödinger – Mind and Matter-vortices’

The exhibition will run from October 16 – November 15, 2014 at:


56 rue La Bruyère

75009 Paris

Mob : +33 6 80 58 46 82


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Mobile Photo Now: A Major Worldwide Mobile Photography Project & Exhibition


I am very pleased to hear about this photography Project and Exhibition. Kevin Kuster who is also a good friend and a Columnist for us sent me the following information.  You can read more about Kevin here, in addition.

‘Columbus Museum of Art and the #jj community (Instagram), the world’s largest community of photographers, launch the largest museum mobile photography exhibition to date.

Mobile Photo Now (February 6, 2015 – March 22, 2015) will highlight the emerging art form of mobile photography, and the power of social media and smart phones as a means of creative expression. In the fall of 2012, Columbus Museum of Art became the first museum in the world to present a curated, crowdsourced exhibition based on the photography app Instagram.

Photos for Mobile Photo Now will be co-curated by CMA and JJ from photo challenges issued throughout October 2014′.

To register for this project and exhibition, please go here


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