National Geographic – New York City Smartphone Photo Workshop


This workshop is led by a National Geographic photographer and a professional instructor  and is designed for amateurs who seek to effectively use and share mobile imagery and are interested in exploring the creative side of smartphone photography. All participants must bring a mobile device with a camera such as an iPhone, Windowsphone, or Android smartphone. The workshop is limited to 25 participants.


Jun 03 – 04, 2017 – to request a reservation, go here.

Oct 07 – 08, 2017 – to request a reservation, go here.

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‘Keep The Focus’ – Meditation Techniques for Street Photographers – Free eBook


Many of us either try or do use meditation in our daily routines to aid our well being. Bringing brain and body together, in harmony, can help us deal with many things that we face each day. I need to practice it more, I know that many in our mobile photography community are huge advocates of it, not least our dear friend Carolyn Hall Young, who I know has practised it since she was 16 years old and it has helped her cope with so much. So, with that in mind, I was very interested to learn of this new free eBook ‘Keep the Focus’, which is a practical guide to help improve your street photography with three meditation techniques.

This project was initiated by German Street Photographer Thomas Ludwig and he has been practising meditation since 1999 and has been studying Buddhism since 2010 at the Tibetan Centre in Hamburg, Germany under patronage of HH the Dalai Lama. An array of outstanding street photographers have contributed to this project and include Mike Boening, Valerie Jardin, Eric Kim, Marco Larousse, Thomas Leuthard, Rinzi Roco Ruiz, Spyros Papaspyropoulos and Forrest Walker.

This free ebook is available in English and German.

To download the English version, click here

To download the German version, click here.

I would love to receive readers feedback on this new book, it’s extremely interesting to me. Please feedback in the comments below.

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Mob-Entrepreneurs – Sukru Mehmet Omur at Paris Photo


I am so happy to learn that one of our favourite mobile artists – Sukru Mehmet Omur has exhibited his iPhone artistry work at Paris Photo this year. He directly messaged me to share this wonderful news because he is so happy at the huge interest and high number of visitors. This is the 20th edition of Paris Photo and we know it was attended by 62,000 visitor which represents an 8% increase on the 2015 exhbition.

Many congratulations to Sukru a fabulous achievement!

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Mob-Entrepreneurs – Yoni Mayeri – iPhoneography Exhibition


We love it when our mobile photography community let us know of their latest achievements and this time Yoni Mayeri asked us to help to spread the word about her all iPhoneography Exhibition at Salon Nine, just off Union Square, in San Francisco.  The show will be up through January 2017; meet the artist Champagne Reception is planned for 12/2 from 6-8pm.

Best of luck with that Yoni, if you’re in the area, please drop in and cheer her on!

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iPhoneography Summer Residential Workshop with Meri Walker at Idyllwild Arts, California, USA


This summer residential workshop at Idyllwilds Arts is your first and most important step into the magical world of smartphone photography and art. The main focus is to explore the full potential of using a mobile phone to capture high resolution digital images for making art. The briefs for this course have an emphasis on photography and art smartphone applications to initially capture the image and then to further process the image. With students learning to digitally manipulate images on their device, together with producing an imaginative response to themes and concepts. This is a hands-on course, with theory and projects throughout the week.

To enquire or book a place please go here

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Mob-Entrepreneurs – Brendan O Se – Monogram Asia Photo Lecture Tour


We are extremely proud of smartphone photographer Brendan O Se’s  recent presentation at the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand. O Se, presented also in Jakarta, Indonesia. His lecture allowed him to share with the audience some of his incredible images and also to express and encourage more artists to create smartphone photographic opportunities in this way, to develop their creativity and of course, their own style. We were also very pleased that he mentioned TheAppWhisperer as one of his main influences and development as a photographer – thank you Brendan.

You can read more about his adventures here.

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iPhotographer Magazine Now Available For Download


iPhotographer Magazine is for the picture-taker, the picture-lover, the Instagramer, the Flickr fan, the dedicated aficionado—beginning or advanced—who who wants to learn more, take more, app more, see more, make better, and share more pictures as a part of the digital phenomenon of that has conquered the globe.

This magazine, edited by Knox Bronson is now available to download for free. Click here to do so.

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ARTmobile – A New Mobile Photography and Art Book


I am very happy to mention this new book venture on  ARTmobile is an editorial project aimed at publishing, the work of eight talented mobile photographers.

This is a crowd-funding project, under the direction of Participation as a patron in ARTmobile involves not only acquiring the complete book in Instagram format, 21×21 cm, with over 200 pages of high quality, plus prints for the most enthusiast ones, but it also means encouraging artists to accompany them in their process of creation, in their understanding of the art of photography and their vision of contemporary society.

The book will feature works by the following artists:

  • Christina Nørdam Andersen (Copenhagen)
  • Jeanette Hägglund (Stoccolma)
  • Luis Rodríguez (Madrid)
  • Marianne Hope (Amsterdam)
  • Naomi Meran (Zurigo)
  • Niall O’Leary (Londra)
  • Sébastian Pélegrin (Parigi)
  • Thomas Kakareko (Berlin)

To find out more and/or to particpate, please go here.

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The Homeless CEO – BBC World Service – TheAppWhisperer


I’m delighted to publish this article on behalf of my friends at the BBC World Service about an incredible mobile photographer called Cillin aka @homelessceo.  He visited London a few weeks ago and together they made a 2’00 montage of his voice and his images and have just put this out on the BBC World Service YouTube channel (see below).

Born 30-something years ago in the UK to an Irish mother and a Sri Lankan father, Cillín (pronounced Killeen) is an Australian entrepreneur and Harvard University dropout who spent ten years in Europe (Germany & Switzerland) before moving to his current place of residence in the UAE.

Cillín currently splits his time between a number of bases, including Australia, Hungary, Italy, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and the UAE – which is easier than may seem with 4 nationalities, 3 passports, and 3 companies to run.

Travelling hundreds of thousands of miles every year on business, Cillin known as the “Homeless CEO” spends most of his life on aeroplanes, at airports or in hotels. He takes beautiful, sometimes haunting unfiltered Instagrams on his mobile device and has amassed a dedicated following.

Cillin Perera, Instagrams as the “Homeless CEO”


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Rob Pearson-Wright Wins The Terry O’Neill Award Mobile Photography Category -TheAppWhisperer


Huge congratulations to Rob Pearson-Wright for winning The Terry O’Neill Award Mobile Photography Category yesterday.  The Terry O’Neill Award is one of the world’s most respected and leading photography prizes. It attracts thousands of entries every year from around the globe. The distinguished judges offer a unique opportunity to showcase your talent to titans of the industry, many of whom operate in the commercial world and commission work.

Pearson-Wright was interviewed by Eleanor Cunningham on London Live yesterday and you can watch the full interview here.


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