Tip Of The Day – How To Remove Exif Data From Your iOS or Android Mobile Images – Simply


There are many ways to remove exif data from your images and in many ways it’s a good idea to do so. Exif data stores information related to your image, such as date/time you captured it, your device, settings and sometimes more.

There are a number of apps available for both iOS and Android that will wipe this information for you simply.

For Android users, try Instant EXIF Remover – download here/free

For iOS users, try Exif Wizard/download here/free

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iPhone 6/+ and iOS 8 Tips From Austin Mann – Photographer From The Icelandic Adventure


Many thanks to my friend Austin Mann, the photographer behind the iPhone 6/Icelandic trip (see here), who has allowed me to published some tips of his from behind the scenes of that video.  We have also included a wonderful video with Austin talking about iPhone mounts – don’t miss this.

We hope to publish more of Austin’s tips very soon…

To view Austin’s website, please go here.

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