iOS Photography App – 645 PRO MK III – Updated and We Have Codes To Giveaway


645 PRO MK III has been updated, it’s a hugely popular camera replacement app for iOS photography and there’s just one reason for that, it’s very good.

This update includes focus-peaking and auto-zoom (so you get a magnified version of the viewfinder to aid with focusing). As well as fully manual exposure, the developers have added two semi-automatic modes—Shutter Priority and ISO Priority—along with exposure compensation of up to ±3 Ev. White balance includes standard presets plus full custom white balance setting and the ability to lock the white balance to an 18% grey card.

Other new features include a proper, configurable exposure-bracketing option, and an enhanced review/share view.

We have included a video demonstration below of the new features and we have some codes to giveaway to our loyal readers.  All we ask is for you to reply to this post telling us what you love most about (we know how hard it is to get it down to one thing  and also retweet or FB this post). That’s it, we’ll enter your details into our magic hat and if you’re a winner, a code will soon be sitting in your inbox.

645 PRO MK III usually retails for $3.99/£2.49 and if you prefer, you can download/update it here.


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