How to Improve your Mobile Photography Skills by Martin Duerr for TheAppWhisperer


We are delighted to publish this wonderful article by our Tech Editor, Martin Duerr. He has created a step-point feature, full of tips to help focus your mobile photography skill-set. Don’t miss this (foreword by Joanne Carter).


“Guess what? Yes, you constantly need to improve your photography skills … not only with your professional equipment, your small pocket sized camera is worth any effort to get more out of it. Whatever you are looking for: better image quality in terms of a technical aspect, or in terms of compositing, “messages”, image buildup and so on.

Here are some facts and tips you can use to improve your ability to take images you want”.

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Photo Tool Apps – Tutorial – How To Set Up A Scream Booth with Triggertrap


We’re delighted to be working uber closely with the wonderfully friendly and professional team at Triggertrap.  In case you’re unaware, Triggertrap manufacturer apps and hardware to trigger your camera from your smartphone. The apps work with both iOS and Android platforms and the facility afforded by these are perfect for timelapses, sound triggering, still life and much more.

As Halloween is fast approaching we thought we would demonstrate how to use set up a Scream Booth with Triggertrap, your mobile and your DSLR, don’t miss this…

To download the Triggertrap app – follow the links below:



To shop at Triggertrap, go here

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Photo Tool Apps – Triggertrap Mobile for iOS and Android


We are delighted to be working closer with Triggertrap – essentially they enable you to turn your smartphone into the world’s most powerful remote control. By combining an incredibly powerful and intuitive app with the fastest, most reliable and most widely compatible hardware in the world, Triggertrap Mobile is the ultimate camera remote for photographers of all levels.

Whether you want to capture an epic timelapse movie, a dramatic long exposure shot or dive into explosive high-speed photography, Triggertrap Mobile is the perfect remote triggering solution – and since you’ve usually got your iPhone, iPad or Android device by your side, it’s always ready to go when you are!

All you need to get started is their free app and one of their affordable Triggertrap Mobile Dongle & Connection Cable Kits. They support over 300 camera models across 14 brands. Find yours here!

We publishing a series of tutorials to help you get the most from this system, don’t miss our first one – ‘How To Set Up a Scream Booth’ right here.


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Photo Tool Apps – ‘Signal to Noise’ – Using An iPhone in Low Light Conditions


We’re delighted to publish this latest article to our Photo Tool Apps section by Martin Duerr who heads it up. This time he has taken a look at ‘noise’ within iOS images and recommends ways to eliminate it, don’t miss … Read more

iOS Photography Tool Apps – REDTools – New App For RED Digital Cameras


RED Digital Cameras are truly symbols and tools of greatness, they have been used to shoot the most influential fashion magazines in the world, Vogue, Harpers and more by photographers from Bruce Weber to Greg Williams. Our Head of Technical … Read more

Photo Tool Apps – Taking A Look At Workflow For Mobile Photographers with Martin Duerr


We are delighted to publish this very interesting article by our Photo Tool App Editor, Martin Duerr.  Our Photo Tool App section is brand new and one that we feel is incredibly important. This section is designed to essentially help … Read more

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