Mobile Photography – Portrait of an Artist – Twenty Seventh Video Showcase


We are delighted to present our 27th Portrait of an Artist Video Showcase. Ile Mont our highly talented Editor for our Portrait of an Artist Column has curated the most astonishing showcase. Each image is related to the previous and … Read more

Mobile Photography & Art – Flickr Group Showcase – 17 June 2018


Mobile Art and its artists need their audience, this showcase manifests with my welcoming spirit, embodying feelings with a kind of jovial gratitude and there’s a reason for that. This is an elegant, charming and poetically simple showcase within its … Read more

Photography Competition – EARTH PHOTO – Final Call for Entries


This is the Final Call for Entries for Earth Photo this is an innovative new competition and exhibition developed jointly by Forestry Commission England and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) which reflects the organisations’ common interest in enabling a better understanding of the world around us through their complementary disciplines of the Environment and Geography. Earth Photo will focus on People, Nature, Place and Change and award categories will celebrate the best in each subject, as well as recognising emerging talent through a Next Generation Award.

Earth Photo believe that photography has a profound national and international influence and that a picture is worth a thousand words; images continue to influence public understanding of the world around us and convey meaning and emotion beyond the barriers of language.

Earth Photo’s main objective is to reveal the story behind the pictures: informing, entertaining and engaging audiences of all kinds and encouraging conversations to begin about their subjects. Earth Photo will enable the viewer not only to appreciate a single or group sequence of images, but also to understand the ‘back story’ to a picture.

The deadline for entry is 18 June 2018 at 5 pm, BST.

To find out more, go here.

Online entry link here

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Infographic – From Kodak to iPhonography – The Evolution of Photography into Social Media


I am delighted to publish this infographic ‘From Kodak to iPhonography – The Evolution of Photography into Social Media’. Produced by our colleagues at the London School of Photography. Antonio Leanza explains in the following text how social media has influenced the way we capture images as well as our preferred hardware for shooting. (Foreword by Joanne Carter)

“Photography is a medium we can all relate to on a personal level, whether that’s re-living the happy memories of a family photo or observing the emotions through a breath-taking landscape image. It’s also a medium that some of us have accidentally taken for granted. Has it ever occurred to you just how much the photographic industry has grown through time?

The Kodak to iPhonography infographic – created by our content team over at  the London School of Photography is aimed to educate readers by covering a brief history of how the camera first came about, its evolution through time and the impact social media has had on the photographic world and the ever-rising “smartphone photography” movement.

From the initial stages of the Camera Obscura and its invention in the 1800’s all the way through to the conception of Instagram – photography as we know it today has grown so vastly that it has become a universal medium that is shareable and speaks a thousand words. Instagram is one of the many social media applications that is responsible for such demand in high-quality yet fast image creation on the go, hence the increased innovation that’s gone into creating technologically advanced smartphones”.

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Mobile Photography/Art Pic of the Day (820) via Instagram


Here’s day eight hundred and twenty of our mobile photography/art Pic of the Day section via Instagram. Each day we select one image a day for our Pic of the Day section on Instagram, with this hashtag #theappwhisperer.

To ensure your image receives our attention, please upload it to Instagram with this hashtag #theappwhisperer.

Today, we congratulate @nicobrons – Nico Brons with this breathtaking image entitled “fishnet stockings”.

Go here to view more of his work

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Weekend of Mobile Videography with David Scott Leibowitz our Hot & Highly Talented New Mobile Movies Editor


David Scott Leibowitz is precisely the artist that he wants to be, making precisely the types of mobile movies he wants to make, delivering them precisely on his own terms, which by no coincidence pair with our needs precisely. It is for this very reason that we unequivocally welcome him warmly with open arms into TheAppWhisperer family as our brand new Mobile Movies Editor. He’s not only scorching hot with intelligence to match, he’s also multi talented with this new medium. Leibowitz wanted to mark his entrance with a Weekend Article, naturally about mobile movies and here it is! Our weekend of mobile photography/art/videography is very popular, if you would like to review others that we have published, please go here. For now, enjoy! (forward by Joanne Carter).

“Moving visual art is not the same thing as still visual art. I love both. Since my film school education in the 70’s, weighted heavily towards experimental film forms, I’ve made moving visual images as often as I make still visual images. I’ve been making both types of mobile visual images using my iPhone for as long as iPhones have been around, now 9 years.

Retired now, I’m blessed that every day has a weekend vibe, so when Joanne asked me to share my “weekend” mobile image making process, I decided to share a moving visual image process.

Recently, Meri Walker and I took a short trip to the Ft. Bragg/ Mendocino area of Northern California to spend some quality time with some old friends of hers. Our plan for our return trip was to hug the coast and the northern most groves of protected Redwoods. Ripe with tons of visual possibilities, and traveling with another iPhone artist (iPhoneArtGirl) meant the creative juices would be flowing.

I cleared40 GB of free space on my iPhone 6sPlus for this weekend’s captures. Carrying a few Sandisk Xpand flash drives takes away my worry about running out of disk space, especially when shooting a lot of video.

Apps that make the most of my experimental film and old-school video art experience most relevant include FilMicPro, KinoGlitch, RollWorld, PaintedCam, Diptic Video, Videon, Imaengine, iMotion, Glitch Art, Dermandar’s Panorama, and Time Piles. (Legacy apps like Infinite Eye and Frame Delay still work on my 5s and 4s iPhones and I keep them for that reason.)

Along the coast, I shot three clips I knew would be well used as bases for moving visual art. When I’m shooting, I’m looking for simple events that I can convert into digestible slices of moving visual meditative art. These kinds of simple events are contained by static frames containing either nature’s movement or movement caused by the presence of human beings.

I enjoy transforming these simple events into various permutations, each with its own meditative qualities”.

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Announcement – Exciting News @TheAppWhisperer and Other Things


As our regular readers will know, at TheAppWhisperer we are constantly striving to be at the very top of our game and we never stop working, personally I even dream about it. When you don’t ‘see’ us, feel confident that we are working, always ensuring that what we bring to you, is bang up to date, carefully curated and is exactly what you want to read, even and especially, if you didn’t realise that you did. We are currently working on a particularly exciting project, now this is something very very new, infact I have not seen this idea portrayed in our realm at all. Know that, when we launch it, you are going to be excited, very impressed and feel very valued. Whilst we continue to build it and it’s a big project, behind the scenes, I wanted to ensure that If you’re not already a reader of our Flipboard magazine, I urge you to be. Naturally, it’s free and all of our articles and more that we revive from Twitter, appear in the magazine. When I last looked, we had published well over 15,000 dedicated mobile photography and art articles in our 9.5 years online, we want you to see them all. Flipboard is an app that works well on iOS and also on Android.

Take a look at our magazine, here

Download Flipboard iOS

Download Flipboard for Android

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Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @youmobile – Days 3 – 4


We are so excited with our brand new takeover of our Instagram account, take a look at what’s been happening over the past couple of days (foreword by Joanne Carter).

“Captured by @sunflowerof21 – A week of celebration and recognition, the loveliest of them all in @youmobile, Elaine, is mostly recognised for her fantastic portraiture work of her family, especially her son. Her use of the colours’ palette with mostly matching subtle pastels like soft colours with the impeccable use of light and shadows make her work truly delight to look, here instead of one of her classic I chose flowers, nonetheless the beauty comes out from whatever she photographs!

Captured by @polylmA week of celebration and recognition, the gentleman geek @youmobile, Marco, to whom nothing is impossible, he eats innovation for breakfast, has technologically new gadgets for lunch and strange coding for dinner, his snacks are renowned to dwell in the realm of AugmentedReality and VirtualReality… the most humblest and nicest chap i have met for a long time and his photos are nothing less, stills from films of peoples’ lives, Marco has a sharp eye for contrasted colours and dream like landscape and geometric architecture!!

Please take a look at our @TheAppWhisperer Instagram account to follow all the goings on and please also tag your images with #TheAppWhisperer, so that they can be found and potentially featured”.

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Top Tips For Capturing Great Mobile Photography Images At Festivals This Summer


As many of you will be aware, festival season is on the horizon and we are not alone in thinking that they represent fabulous photo opportunities for mobile photographers. We contacted Huawei Ambassador Erik Voake and Huawei European Head of … Read more

Mobile Photography – Xiaomi Mi 8: Challenging the Best – SmartPhone Review – DxOMark with Kevin Carter


Some of you may know, many of you do not know, my husband Kevin Carter is a photographic technical expert and journalist. He works at high level imparting his knowledge, never compromising his journalistic objectivity, it’s one of the many things we share (Sociologist Michael Schudson suggests that “the belief in objectivity is a faith in ‘facts,’ a distrust in ‘values,’ and a commitment to their segregation”).

As well as that, he’s an editor for DxOMark and he’s just completed his latest report which includes an in-depth analysis of the Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone camera. Its resulted in an overall score of 99 points, the Mi 8 offers some improvements in certain areas over Mi MIX 2S launched earlier this year, placing it shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best smartphone cameras that they have tested.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, it comes with camera hardware specifications that are identical to the Mi Mix 2S. The rear-facing camera module features twin 12Mp cameras, one a wide-angle with a 1/2.55-inch size sensor and 1.4µm pixels and an f/1.8-aperture lens, and the other a short “tele” with a slightly ‘slower’ f2.4 aperture.

Its Photo sub-score of 105 is among the best that they’ve rated, thanks to consistently good performance in all lighting conditions, super-fast and accurate autofocus, as well as bold color rendition. It strikes a nice balance between noise and texture, too, and generates pretty decent low-light results.

If that’s piqued your interest, you can read his full report here.

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