Leica Camera supports Sky Arts’ search for the ‘Master of Photography’ 2017


I attended the press event for this new series last week, it’s very exciting. The series starts tomorrow evening 25th May 2017 at 8 pm – don’t miss it!

European TV talent show for professional and dedicated amateur photographers begins second series with Leica Camera AG as exclusive technical provider

Following the enormous success of the first season, the new series of the Sky Arts TV talent show ‘Master of Photography’ will be aired from 25 May 2017 on Sky Arts in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Sky Arte HD in Italy and Sky Arts HD in Germany and Austria. In this second season, Leica Camera AG makes a return appearance as the show’s exclusive technical provider. The aim of this unique international production is to promote all aspects of creative photography.

Throughout the eight shows of the series, twelve talented photographers from all parts of Europe must prove their photographic skills in the areas of creativity, instinct and versatility. As the show’s exclusive technical provider, Leica equips each competitor with premium cameras and lenses made in Germany. All contestants are provided with professional photographic equipment comprising cameras, lenses and a range of accessories. With products such as the Leica SL mirrorless system camera, the Leica M-D digital rangefinder camera and the Leica Q compact, full-frame, fixed prime lens camera, the contestants are ideally equipped to master every photographic challenge.

In their battle for the title of ‘Master of Photography’, the contestants must prove their talent and skills in a number of different photographic genres at various locations throughout Europe. The jury of three world-renowned photographers and experts, Caroline Hunter, Darcy Padilla and Oliviero Toscani, judges the contestants’ works to decide which of them will be honoured with the title ‘Master of Photography 2017’ at the end of the season. The winner is awarded a cash prize of 150,000 euros.

Further information about Sky Arts ‘Master of Photography’ can be found here: http://masterofphotography.tv/

Simulcast across five countries, Master of Photography is created by the Sky Arts Production Hub, a commissioning and production centre of excellence dedicated to creating quality arts programmes for Sky’s 22 million customers across the UK and Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria.

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Mobile Photography and Art – A Picture’s Worth with Alexis Rotella


A Picture’s Worth‘… is where we ask mobile photographers that have created powerful mobile photography/art to explain the processes they took. This includes their initial thoughts as to what they wanted to create, why they wanted to create it, how they created it, including all apps used and what they wanted to convey. We also ask these incredible artists to explain their emotions and how the image projects those feelings. We have published a few A Picture’s Worth articles recently, if you have missed those – please go here.

In this A Picture’s Worth today we asked Alexis Rotella to tell us more about her image. Rotella has detailed her thoughts below, we think you’ll find this invaluable…

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Instagram Mobile Photographers To Follow Now – @tatteredphotographs– TheAppWhisperer


This is a new section to TheAppWhisperer.com, one where we hand pick highly talented mobile photographers and artists from Instagram and bring them to your attention.

Today, we are featuring and not a moment too soon @tatteredphotographs – Kim

I’m a self proclaimed technology geek and botanical potion maker. I have a soft spot for zombies and a weakness for iced coffee

To follow this new series, please go here.

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Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 74 – TheAppWhisperer


Welcome to our seventy fourth showcase in our Mobile Movies Column, curated and edited by Giulia Baita. All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices. Many congratulations for being highlighted and featured to: Karen Axelrad, Oskinga, Edith Meier, Tom and Em Kachouro

Please join our growing mobile movies community.  We are a very enthusiastic and supportive group of artists.

• Flickr Group (for weekly showcase submissions)

• Facebook Group (for information sharing/discussions)

– TheAppWhisperer Mobile Movies Column


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Mobile Photography / Art Tutorial – Up Against the Wall: Graffiti Me and Fotoffiti


We are delighted to publish Jerry Jobe’s latest mobile photography/art tutorial for our viewing pleasure. This time Jobe takes a look two apps, Graffiti Me and Fotofiffi. Take it away Jerry…(foreword by Joanne Carter).

"There are thousands of photography/art apps on the App Store, and some of them are extreme specialised. That’s the case with the two apps I’ll be covering this time: Graffiti Me by Bluebear Technologies Ltd and Fotoffiti by amioli. Each take your image, run a Threshold filter on it, and apply it to a wall as if you’ve stenciled it there. Each allow you to add extra paint and text. Each also run on both the iPhone and the iPad, but limit the iPad version to portrait orientation. And each will cost you about a dollar, if you don’t get them free on their frequent promotions.

Let’s start with a look at Graffiti Me".

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Mostly Mobile Photography & Mobile Art – Tickle Your Fancy #53


Welcome back to our fifty second post in our Tickle Your Fancysection. Tickle Your Fancy’ includes a round-up of between three to five links to articles from around the internet that have specifically interested us during the course of the week. Ones that we feel are relevant to your interest in photography and art.

Just to explain the title for this section ‘Tickle Your Fancy’ is an English idiom and essentially means that something appeals to you and perhaps stimulates your imagination in an enthusiastic way, we felt it would make a great title for this new section of the site.


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Stunning Art Residences for Photographers – Around The World


Artist Residences offer time for reflection, research and inspiration. No two art residencies are the same but each offers you the opportunity to step out of your usual surroundings and daily routine and can have a profound impact on your life and career.  Take a look at this gorgeous art residences…

Link for more information

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Mobile Photography & Art Flickr Group Showcase – 26 June 2016


“Never say you know the last word about any human heart”, a quotation by Henry James from the rich tapestry of a book I am currently reading, Any Human Heart by William Boyd. Art links all around us and we need to be able to tie it altogether, to make it whole. Human expression within this weeks mobile photography and art Flickr Group Showcase, speaks to us. Worldly wise, yet perilously frail, many of these images demonstrate the agony and ecstasy of love and life lived. This weeks showcase is a wholly humane romance and a worthy treat for all of us. Enjoy!

If you would like your work to be considered for entry into our weekly Mobile Photography and Art flickr group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here. If you would like to view our previous Flickr Group Showcases (please go here).

Many congratulations to the following artists for being featured this week:

Dominique Torrent, Trish G, Carolyn Hall Young, Armineh Hovanesian, karma o – Christine O’Sobczak, Alan Julliard, Jennifer Bracewell, Jun Yamaguchi, Michael Trombley, Andy Alexandre, Poetic Medium, carlein, Frederica Corbelli, Trish Korous, Pat Brown, Chris Harland, Debout Clarisse, Vanessa Vox, before.1st.light – Jane Schultz, jillian2, Deena Berton, Robin Robertis, Liliana Schwitter, Gianluca Ricoveri, Marianne Rieter, Roger Guetta, Damian De Souza, Ioannis Sidiropoulos, Marianne Rieter, Susan Rennie, Nicolas Xanthos, Lorenka Campos, Manuela Basaldella, Candice (CLAY3) Railton, Tim Bingham, Albion Harrison-Naish,

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