Mobile Photography / Art New Year Resolutions 2018 From Artists Throughout The World


We are delighted to publish our New Year Resolutions for 2018 from a selection of highly talented mobile photographers and artists throughout the world. As in previous years we have asked mobile photographers and artists for their New Year Resolutions with … Read more

Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @barbaranebel – Day 2


We are so excited with our latest Instagram TAKEOVER this time with @barbaranebel – Barbara Nebel. She is a respected and highly talented artist and has been granted full access to our Instagram account and she is doing such a magnificent job. We are very proud of her! Please take a look at her Instagram feed, her floral images in particular are to die for!

On Day 2 @barbaranebel highlighted a very talented mobile photographer and artist @clarisse_debout – Clarisse Debout. This is what @barbaranebel writes, Hello from @barbnebel on day 2 of the IG takeover for @theappwhisperer. Today I fell in love with this lovely winter scene by @clarisse_debout. The silence of the falling snow, the pink nose of the ram standing so still, and the smell of the smoke coming from the chimney. There is actually movement in the IG posting, of falling snow the movement in the smoke, so i urge you to look at that on Clarisses’ IG page to see those effects. Congratulations Clarisse, a beautiful image!!”.

If you want to keep track of all that @barbaranebel views, please head over to our Instagram feed, here. Please tag your images with #TheAppWhisperer if you hope to be found and possibly featured.

If you missed any of our other Instagram TAKEOVERS, please go here to read them.

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Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @lorenka – Days 6, 7 and 8


We are so grateful to @lorenka – Lorenka Campos, whom we entrusted with our Instagram account on 19th December 2017 for eight days after she was gracefully handed the baton by @armineh29 – Armineh Hovanesian, after she received it from @before.1st.light – Jane Schultz and after she received it from @lee_atwell – Lee Atwell, who in turn received it from our first Instagram Takeover artist @pyschephoto – Robin Cohen. 

On Day 6 @lorenka writes, “Hello IG friends, and Merry Christmas Eve, to those who celebrate. Today is day number 6 of my 8 day takeover of @theappwhisperer on Instagram. Today, I’m trying something new and posting one of my favorite video images by @clarisse_debout. It is a beautifully edited winter cityscape that stands on its own, but the addition of twinkling Christmas lights make it a little more special and festive. I hope you enjoy a few seconds of magic. If you don’t already follow @clarisse_debout, please go take a look at her amazing gallery. Thank you Clarisse for sharing your work. Please tag your images with #theappwhisperer for a chance to be featured”.

On Day 7 @lorenka writes, “Merry Christmas IG friends and family! This is @lorenka on day number 7 of my 8 day takeover of @theappwhisperer on Instagram. Today’s sublime feature is “The Red Chair” by artist @lydiacassatt – Lydia Cassatt. The image is straightforward, but mysterious, modern, but with an old world feel. Perfect contradiction. I love it @lydiacassatt. Thank you so much for sharing this image with us. Please remember to tag your images #theappwhisperer”.

On Day 8 @lorenka writes,Hello and Happy Boxing Day!!! This is @lorenka on my last day of my 8 day takeover of @theappwhisperer on Instagram. I thank Joanne for the opportunity and challenge. During these last 8 days, I have met a lot of new mobile photographers and artists, and have been blown away by the incredible images. Today’s feature image belongs to @joyundefined. As I scrolled through the images over the last couple of days, I stopped at this little feather, over and over again. The photographer/artist @joyundefined –  Joy Sussman writes “Why are we drawn to certain subjects again and again? A perfect question to end my 8 day run here on @theappwhisperer. Thanks again Joanne”.

So, with deep sadness for us we have to ask @lorenka to hand over the baton to our next featured artist. We are going to miss this wonderful artist very much but she’s always close by and we do know that you are all going to be very excited indeed when we tell you who @lorenka is handing over the baton too next.

Finally, dear beautiufl Lorenka, thank you so much for your care, your stunning curation and most of all, your company. Thank you x.

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Grand Flickr Group Showcase of 2017 – TheAppWhisperer – Mobile Photography and Art


Merry Christmas! This Grand Flickr Group Showcase of 2017 represents our top favourited images from our Flickr Group – Mobile Photography & Imagery. Each week we have produced a showcase and we have selected images from all of those showcases to bring you this epic finale of the year of 2017!  I want you all to enjoy this showcase, each one of you, some I know more than others, but all I recognise and am in awe of your talents.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, enjoy this mobile photography and art showcase with untapped emotion and tenderness. We have the chemistry just right, with meaningful dialogue throughout, this is a journey almost as extraordinary as 2017. Let it blow you away, breathe, relax, enjoy!

(Please note that we have included many many artists within this showcase, it is not possible to include every single artist and for that we apologise in advance).

Lights, Christmas, Action…

Many congratulations to the following artists on being featured including:

Adelino Marques, Brett Chenoweth, Meri Walker, Stefanie L.P., Francesco x, Angie Lambert, Nico Brons, Isabel Afonso, Linda Hollier, Siegfield Ferlin, Jun Yamaguchi, woltarise, karma o – Christine O’Sobczak, jillian2 – Jill Lian, Karen Axelrad, Sandra Becker, Liliana Schwitter, Louise Whiting, Sarah Kuhn, Manuela Basaldella, Wenchieh Yang, Tsvetan Ganev, Hanni K, Tom Ang, Ile Mont, Tomaso Belloni, Francesco Sambati, Kristie Michele Art, Vladislav Niko, Kim Martino, I Rome, Riamolde, Ioannis Sidiropoulos, Beate Goralczyk, Pamela Speight, Florence Oliver, Janet Reid, Tania Konnerth, Edith Meier, Maddy McCoy, Dina Alfasi, Catherine Caddigan, Susan Maxwell Schmidt, Luc Borell, Chris de Nice, Mimi Svanberg, Joseph Cyr, Bob Weil, Alegremartin, Ewelina Makos, Tracey Grumbach, Elaine, Misty Pittman, Siegfried Ferlin, BlemishedEye – David Booker, Poetic Medium, Patricia Januszkiewicz, David Hayes, Gillian Brodie, Luther Roseman Dease, II, Jo Sullivan, Chouroro, Deborah McMillion, Helen Breznik,  borisbschulz2009, Marguerite Khoury, Cristian Margarita, Brendan O Se, Ade Santora, Jennifer Bracewell, Vadim Demjianov, Marianne Rieter, David Welsh, Albion Harrison-Naish, Luison – Luis Rodriguerz, Kate Zari Roberts, Paul Toussaint, Rob Pearson-Wright, Donna Donato, Tuba, Susan Rennie, Paul Yan, columnsovsleep, Trish Korus, Giulia Baita, Maurizio Zanetti, Montse Abad, p.a. hamel, Deena Berton, Myrna, Kostas Pilot, Algremartin, Nick Kenrick, Clint Cline, Cristina Rossi, Tricia Dewey, Connie Gardner Rosenthal, Matt Kayden, Shel Serkin, Lorenka Campos, Eleni Gemeni,, Joe AI, Fiona Christian, Daniel Salas, Nancy McClure, Mariette Schrijver, Robi Gallardo, Davide Capponi, Beatrice Chapillon, Dan Arsenault, Giancarlo Beltrame, Jim Perdue, Gianluca Ricoveri, before.1st.light – Jane Schultz, Juta Jazz, Jeronimo Sanz, Clare Pickett, Robin Robertis, Luis Fernandez, Sara Tune, Aylin Argun, Gina Costa, Giancarlo Beltrame, Michael Trombley, Armineh Hovanesian, Giulio Giacconi, voytov Danil, Candice Railton, doc simsim, Lindy Ginn, Eliza Badoiu, rorofot, klimtt, cecilia sao thaigo, Susan Murtaugh, Claude Panneton, Amy Ecenbarger, Christine Mignon, Janice Grinsell, Tessfra, Clarisse Debout, Julia Nathanson, Damian De Souza, Hanni K, Andy Alexandre, Ger van den Elzen, Jonasz Olszewski, Mohsen Chinehkesh, Bob Weil, Klaudia Cechini, Amanda Parker, Gergely Hando, Barbara Nebel, Oola Cristina, Larissa Paschoalli, Mirza Kafi, Gabriele Rodriquez, Alla Crashenkova, Vanessa Vox, Rosa Perry, I Rome, Heather McAlister, Pier Luigi Dodi, Mel de k, Sergiy Beliayev, Lydia Cassatt, Isabel Afonso, Y F, Christine Padmore, Andrew Lucchesi, Allyson Marie, Sara Augenbraun, Anastasia Potekhina, Valeria Cammareri, Chad Rankin, Amo iPhoneography, Alan Kastner, Sina, Em Kachouro, Pascale G, Alvin Blas, Gothic Swan, Lawrence Lazare, Himanshu Roy, Adalis 3k60, Max Lazzi, Jeffrey Simpson, Jean Hutter, Carlein, Jennifer A Thomas, Kristen Fisher, Eloi Batista Fotografo, Debara Splendorio, Matt Kayden, Mara Zanetti, Jorris Martinez, Violet Martin, Eleni Gemeni, Fleur Schim, Christopher Baxter, Helge Jorgensen, Dixon Hamby.



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Mobile Photography/Art Pic of the Day (703) via Instagram


Here’s day seven hundred and three of our mobile photography/art Pic of the Day section via Instagram. Each day we will be selecting one image a day for our Pic of the Day section on Instagram with this hashtag #theappwhisperer.

To ensure your image receives our attention, please upload it to Instagram with this hashtag #theappwhisperer

Today, we congratulate a very talented photographer and mobile artist Clarisse Debout @clarisse_debout – with this breathtaking image.

View more of her body of work here.

[Please visit our Artist Directory and find out how we can add you too!]

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Mobile Photography & Art – My Top Five Apps by Clarisse Debout


We are revitalising our Top Five Apps section to our Photo App Lounge column. This a section within TheAppWhisperer where we ask highly accomplished mobile photographers and artists to list their top five apps and to explain why they have selected them. Kicking us off today is highly talented mobile photographer and artist Clarisse Debout take a look, we have long admired her beautiful work! (foreword by Joanne Carter).

All images ©Clarisse Debout

“I started working with my iPhone in 2014, at the time I did not know that there were applications for retouching, collages, textures etc …! I was content with Instagram filters! The first application I used was Snapseed! I always use it as a basis for adjusting contrast, sharpness, balance etc …

For the paint effects I use icolorama, which is really very complete and the preface is very nice to use! I love to mix several applications, looking for combinations is an integral part of my work and it’s also what I like with the art Mobile! My work is very classic, I do a lot of landscapes and cityscapes! I really like using DistressedFX for textures and mextures for light and atmosphere! Formulas is also very interesting for some images that I put in double exposure”.

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Mobile Photography & Art – Happy Thanksgiving Post…


Happy Thanksgiving! This is our first year of asking mobile photographers and artists to contribute a Thanksgiving image, representing their thoughts, along with a few sentences expressing what mobile photography and art means to them and considering what they’re thankful … Read more

Mobile Photography & Art Flickr Group Showcase – 2 July 2017


“There are sights too beautiful to swallow. They stay on the rim of the eye; it cannot contain them“, this is a quote from a beautiful book I am currently reading and highly recommend, To the River by Olivia Laing. … Read more

Mobile Photography – Portrait of an Artist Spring Challenge Results and Showcase!


We are delighted to publish our fourth Portrait of an Artist Challenge results. This was a very special challenge entirely dedicated to the loving memory of Carolyn Hall Young who seemed to grow flowers everywhere she touched, especially our hearts. So … Read more

Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 76 – TheAppWhisperer


Welcome to our seventy sixth showcase in our Mobile Movies Column, curated and edited by Giulia Baita. All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices. Many congratulations for being highlighted and featured to: Karen Axelrad, Cristina Rossi, Clarisse Debout and Tom Kempe.

Please join our growing mobile movies community.  We are a very enthusiastic and supportive group of artists.

• Flickr Group (for weekly showcase submissions)

• Facebook Group (for information sharing/discussions)

– TheAppWhisperer Mobile Movies Column

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