The Ultimate Christmas Mobile Photography & Art Competition Using Depth Effects App – Great Prizes – Including a DxO One Camera!


We are very excited today to announce our Ultimate Christmas Mobile Photography & Art Competition here at This competition is hosted in conjunction with BrainFeverMedia, highly accomplished app developers, with their brand new app, announced today – Depth Effects. We are also most grateful to the support of our sponsors for this competition, including DxO, IK MultiMedia, Joby and Scriba.

The Depth Effects app enables the photographer to apply striking depth of field effects to any image. Essentially, giving you bokeh effects in the palm of your hands. The results are exceptional and we can’t wait to see your images!  

We have some tremendous prizes up for grabs too! Including a DxO One camera, this camera attaches to your iPhone or iPad. Once it is connected, the iOS device’s Retina display immediately transforms into the camera’s viewfinder, allowing you to compose the image and adjust every setting. This prize alone is worth $500/£400! and will be couriered directly to the winner of this competition.

We have more phenomenal prizes too, including an IK Multimedia iRig Mic Field, a phenomenal ultra compact device, allowing you to record professional sound recordings in the field, making it ideal for mobile videography or simple sound recordings. This product retails for $125.  We also have an IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Pro a fabulous professional multifunction iPhone stand worth $70 and that’s not all! We are also giving away from Joby a GripTight PRO Phone premium clamping mount worth $42, a GripTight POV Kit – this is a handgrip with remote control for mobile phones, worth $50 and a Joby PowerBand, this is a portable charger for smartphone batteries, worth $41 and there’s one more thing – a Multi Award Winning Scriba Stylus – this is a brand new Kickstarter successful project that is about to launch. This Multi Award Winning Scriba Stylus is a wonderful way for mobile artists to create and edit their images. It includes a flexible body with dynamic squeeze motion, responsive to your touch. Ergonomics are ingrained in Scriba’s design, making it so much more than just a stylish accessory. Contoured around the natural movements of the hand and made from comfortable, lightweight materials. Scriba supports both left-handed and right-handed users and is sculpted for a variety of grips. Uniquely tactile, Scriba’s flexible body bends in response to your every touch. Scriba detects this movement enabling you to continuously and fluidly adjust brush thickness, or access app functionality.

Phew! This means we are giving away almost $1000 of prizes for Christmas!

So what are you waiting for? Find out the rules for entry and more details below, then enter our Ultimate Christmas Mobile Photography Competition right now!

Actually, there is another thing too! We are giving away promotional codes for Depth Effects today, worth $3.99/£2.99 – see this post.

Merry Christmas to you all! We are so grateful to you all – thank you for being such a beautiful community of people as well as mobile artists x

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DxO Camera Updated with Pro Quality Solution for Facebook Live


DxO, pioneer in digital imaging technologies, announces a major free update to its award-winning DxO ONE pro-quality miniaturized and connected camera for iPhone that will take Facebook Live broadcasting to new heights. The DxO ONE camera iOS app version 2.5 will introduce the world’s first pro-level multi-camera solution for Facebook Live, enabling users to take full advantage of the DxO ONE’s remarkably compact design, outstanding image quality, and integrated internet connectivity while broadcasting to their followers. Available to all DxO ONE users free of charge, the update is expected to be available in early 2017 via the iTunes App Store.

With the update, the DxO ONE app will embrace Facebook Live, providing the ability to quickly and easily create a live stream with only a few taps of the app. When combined with full Wi-Fi remote control, the DxO ONE will operate as a remote broadcast camera, giving users the ability to experiment with camera compositions and placements that are impossible to achieve with the iPhone’s built-in cameras alone. The DxO ONE’s large image sensor and fast lens combine to provide a shallow depth-of-field and natural looking bokeh that lets users live stream with a level of quality that is breathtakingly cinematic.

The DxO ONE Facebook Live solution provides a sophisticated set of controls, including an elegant multi-camera source panel, that lets you preview all three camera views at once­—DxO ONE, iPhone front and back—so you can recompose the shot, adjust the lighting, or prepare your subject before going live with any camera view. You become the technical director, as you seamlessly cut between each of the three cameras on-the-fly with a quick tap. Your audio feed can be sourced from the DxO ONE’s internal microphone, the iPhone’s microphone, or set to automatically switch between the two as you cut between cameras. And of course, the DxO ONE app will allow you to name your Live stream and let you connect with the people who care most, whether it’s a select group of personal friends, or your fans worldwide.

“Because it’s so incredibly compact, the DxO ONE has been my go-to camera for pro-quality video whenever and wherever I need it most,” said Nathan Yamniak, Film Director. “Now with the addition of a multi-camera broadcast control panel, and deep support for Facebook Live, it has become for me and my clients the ultimate pro-quality live broadcasting solution.”

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DxO ONE 2.1 update integrates full RAW processing workflow in an iPhone environment


DxO, pioneer in digital imaging technologies, announces a major update to its award-winning DxO ONE miniaturized camera that lets demanding photographers take their mobile image making to the next level. Less than three months after the release of a 2.0 update that brought Wi-Fi as a new feature, DxO continues to extend the use of its pro-quality camera by introducing the world’s first seamless RAW workflow, direct from the DxO ONE to your iPhone or iPad. The version 2.1 update takes full advantage of RAW support in iOS 10, enabling a one-touch transfer of DxO ONE RAW files to the iOS Photos library where they can be processed on-the-go. Available to all DxO ONE users free of charge, the update also enables direct Wi-Fi remote control, and adds other performance boosting enhancements.

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DxO to Update One App Software Bringing Apple Watch Support and More


DxO announced yesterday (24 November 2015) a new update to their app software for the DxO One, designed to be paired with an Apple iPhone (it can function as a stand-alone camera, albeit without a viewfinder).  

Version 1.2, which we understand is due out in December 2015, will introduce new camera controls including a continuous shooting mode, access to advanced capture parameters and photo information with a simple swipe and one-tap access to hyperfocal distance in manual focus mode, as well as the ability to reposition the magnification loupe for critical focusing. If you’re a fan of selfies, then this update will please you as they are available in each capture setting setting and mode as well as video.

If you’re planning on using your DxO One for fast action, then the addition of the expanded shutter speed range (to 1/20000 sec, up from 1/8000 sec), will appeal. Additional encouraging updates include a longer low-light exposure (30s) and the facility to capture video with full manual control of aperture, ISO, white balance and more.

One of the key highlights to this update is for the Apple Watch community. It will enable Apple Watch wearers to capture multiple photographs in quick succession as well as recording videos with their devices. The Apple Watch also acts as a trigger for activating the shutter and eliminates camera vibration for long exposure shooting.

The DxO One retails for $600/£449 and you can purchase it here.

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DxO introduces revolutionary DSLR-quality camera that attaches directly to the iPhone®


This is interesting, I’ve known about it for a little while as I’m fortunate to have some ‘connections’ (my husband is one of the technical consultants) for DxO; a world leader in digital imaging technologies. They have introduced the DxO ONE, a revolutionary camera that delivers DSLR image quality in an extremely compact size. At 3.8 oz (108 g) and 2.65” (6.9 cm) tall, the DxO ONE is so small that it easily fits in a pocket, yet it features an ultra-high quality f/1.8, 32mm equivalent aspherical lens with a variable 6-blade iris and a 1-inch 20.2MP CMOS BSI sensor capable of capturing high-resolution images even in very low light.

Made of high-grade aluminum, the DxO ONE is a premium camera that has been engineered with the iPhone and iPad® in mind: it attaches via the Lightning™ connector, turning the beautiful iPhone display into the camera’s viewfinder. The camera swivels ±60°, enabling creative perspectives.

The DxO ONE achieves a DxOMark Sensor Score of 70, and up to 85 when using the SuperRAW™ technology (described below), on par with full frame DSLRs and dramatically higher than any smartphone. DxOMark is the industry-standard protocol for camera and lens image quality assessment, used throughout the camera industry and photography press.

“The image quality of the DxO ONE is stunning,” said Jerome Meniere, CEO and founder of DxO. “It’s possible to shoot crystal-clear images under moonlight, which is incredible for a camera this small. The shallow depth of field and bokeh of the lens at f/1.8 is absolutely perfect for portrait photography.”

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