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Between October 21st and November 23rd, 2014, a call for entries was organized: focusing on Mobile (Photographic) Creation, the initiative was the result of a partnership between the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, and the blog Photophores, dedicated to the promotion of emerging photography.

The organisers received 125 applications demonstrating ‘an immense array of creative work done with mobile technology, from smartphones, tablets, and even drones’.

The Jury of Mobile (Photographic) Creation would like to thank all of the participants for their propositions and their interpretation of the guideline: “three photographs, without any specific subject, dealing with mobile creation”.

This curatorship is being presented today – December 4th and 5th, 2014, at L’Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, (Paris), during the international symposium « Arts and Mobiles » of university research group IRCAV-Paris 3 « Mobile Phone and Creation ». Instead of matching some great themes of the history of photography with the proposals received, we decided to structure the curatorship according to different points: we considered mobile as the origin of creation, their utilization as a studio of treatment post-photography, and, finally, we considered the uses and practices of mobility through the prism of photography.

58 photographers and 83 proposals have been selected to participate in the exhibition of Mobile (Photographic) Creation.

Many congratulations to all the photographers included within this fabulous initiative, including: Cathrine Halsør / Stéphane Mahé / Gérard Trang / Poetic Medium / Ornella Ascolese / Hannibal Renberg / Paul Toussaint / Françoise Teissier / Kat Sloma / Emma Amar / Felix Monasakanian / Jean-Baptiste Grangier / Vanessa Vox / Nicolas Xanthos / Rachel Rom / Eric Houbé /Shawn Young / Mariette Schrijver / Marion Carassou-Maillan / Lynette Jackson / Dan Stone / Roger Guetta / Karen Divine / Patricia Larson / Chris Sallquist / Janine Graf / Emanuel Faria / Pamela H. Viola / Dani Salvadori / Cédric Blanchon / Enzo / Eric Dijkstra / Yannick Brice / Sven / Dale Van Minsel / Lucas Sellier / Jean-Marc Sterno / Cédric Blanchon / Claire Burelli / Romain Estebanr / Julien Tatham / Karine Maussière / Sandra Fastré – Yannick Vigouroux / Marc Chilvers / Clarisse Debout / Wayman Stairs / Brigitte Bauer / Luc Girouard / Matthew Wylie / Marine Lécuyer / Damien Duriez / Stéfanie Le Pape / Caroline MacMoran / Sigrid Sohm / Erik Beck / Adrien Brunel / Marcin Jachim / Stéphane Girardot / Françoise Teissier / Misspixels

Eloise Capet is about to take the stand at this event, she sent the following image in a short time ago.  

To follow the live stream of the event go here.

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