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As our regular readers will know, at TheAppWhisperer we are constantly striving to be at the very top of our game and we never stop working, personally I even dream about it. When you don’t ‘see’ us, feel confident that we are working, always ensuring that what we bring to you, is bang up to date, carefully curated and is exactly what you want to read, even and especially, if you didn’t realise that you did. We are currently working on a particularly exciting project, now this is something very very new, infact I have not seen this idea portrayed in our realm at all. Know that, when we launch it, you are going to be excited, very impressed and feel very valued. Whilst we continue to build it and it’s a big project, behind the scenes, I wanted to ensure that If you’re not already a reader of our Flipboard magazine, I urge you to be. Naturally, it’s free and all of our articles and more that we revive from Twitter, appear in the magazine. When I last looked, we had published well over 15,000 dedicated mobile photography and art articles in our 9.5 years online, we want you to see them all. Flipboard is an app that works well on iOS and also on Android.

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