Connected Space develop Augmented Reality  Enabled Smartphone Application for London’s largest International Urban Art Festival


Connected Space, in partnership with RISEgallery, have developed an urban wayfinder app to support RISEfestival, London’s largest international urban art festival. The app – already live – will help increase people’s engagement with art in the public realm, as well as provide in-depth user behavioural analytics to demonstrate return on investment.

Organised by Croydon’s award-winning RISEgallery, the festival will see the arrival of over 60 new murals in and around Croydon town centre, created by world renowned artists such as Dotmaster, Conor Harrington, BK Fox, Lovepusher and Cityzen Kane. The festival will also feature a huge free public events programme, incorporating talks, tours, walks, workshops and parties.

RISEfestival has two key aims. Firstly, to remove barriers to art and help the community engage with it. Secondly, to bring more people into the borough, presenting the new face of Croydon to the public and helping to change the perception of the town whilst it is being transformed via a regeneration project worth £5 billion.

Connected Space is developing this urban way-finder app for RISEfestival, built on the company’s technology platform. The app includes a live-mapping powered ‘guided tour’ of the street artworks around the town, with images and audio descriptions of each installation. Users

Artworks by Whatshisname and Schoony will appear as app-only exclusives. This means the work will appear on the screen in real-time, enabling the user to explore the pieces using the environment around them. These unique extras unlock in the app depending on the users location, and add an extra layer to the RISEfestival experience.

The app will also include information on the other events happening across the town, and the option for users to give feedback on their visit.

Behind the scenes, the app will collect deep user behavioural analytics on the number of visits, the duration of single and total visits, and the number of repeat visits. As well as information on routes, dwell times, engagements, and feedback from visitors. This will help show return on investment to the event sponsors and give vital information to help build the case for future exhibitions.

The RISEfestival app is available to download now.



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‘Wide Awoke’- Are Female Artists Worth Collecting? with Deborah McMillion from the United States


Two weeks ago, we announced our brand new ‘Women’ section within TheAppWhisperer and we kicked off with our first ‘Talking Points’ with incredibly talented mobile artist, M. Cecilia Sao Thiago, where she visually channeled the creative argument of ‘what if I wasn’t me?’, envisaging herself as an artist whilst physically being a male, as opposed to female. If you missed that, please go here.  Following that we published the first in our Women’s ‘Wide Awoke’ section with Armineh Hovanesian (see here). We selected a challenging discussion at the Tate Museum, London. Recently an article was published in The Guardian, by Helen Gorrill, suggesting that female artists are less likely to succeed now, than they were in the 1990s. Gorrill expressed “Today, when men’s artwork is signed, it goes up in value; conversely when work by women is signed, it goes down in value, and the addition of a woman’s signature can devalue artwork to the extent that female artists are more likely to leave their work unsigned”. And even more scathingly, “The Tate seems to align to these views by only collecting a ‘token’ proportion of work by women, who form the 74% majority of fine art graduates”, Gorrill goes on to say.

This of course, provoked much discussion here at TheAppWhisperer HQ, after all, this is one of the key elements to our new Women section, we want to drag out all these issues and more into the open.

We approached several female mobile artists and asked them this question ‘Are Female Artists Worth Collecting?’ and asked them to create a short video of their answer to our subheading of this section ‘Wide Awoke’. Today, we are incredibly proud to publish the second in this series by none other, than highly sought after female artist, Deborah McMillion.

We really hope you enjoy this new section and of course, please feel free to leave comments below, this is a section about Womens issues but we invite all men to view and participate in commenting too.

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After Nyne Launch West London Gallery with Olympus Support & Inaugural Exhibition


The After Nyne Creative Services Group, parent company of arts publication After Nyne Magazine, today announced a collaboration with Olympus. Together they will launch a brand new permanent gallery space After Nyne Gallery in West London.

Building on their already established success from a series of well-received pop-ups,  After Nyne Gallery are proud to unveil their first exhibition space in Holland Park. This inaugural exhibition will display some remarkable works by Olympus brand ambassadors such as Martina Govindraj, whose work engages with architecture and concepts of space, and award winning Steve Gosling renowned for his signature black and white atmospheric landscapes.

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Top 15 Photo Uploading And Sharing Social Networking Apps For Your iPhone


With a title as long as that you are probably very confused by now – actually, this is a complete list of the top 15 social networking apps for your iPhone that have photo uploading and sharing facilities. Social networking … Read more

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