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I have been so crazily excited about this product for some time, if you have an aversion to germs, as I do, prepare to be as enthusiastic as I am!  PhoneSoap kills 99.99% of germs. Take a look at the video below of PhoneSoap being tested on the Discovery Channel.

We can’t help touching dirty things – handrails, money, gym equipment, and the list goes on. The problem is when we touch our phones we then pass the bacteria from our hands to our devices. It’s easy to wash our hands, but we don’t wash our phones, which is why the average smartphone shows 18x more bacteria than a public restroom/toilet. The bacteria on our devices thrive and can make us sick. This image of the Petri dishes shows the results of a smartphone tested before and after using PhoneSoap.

PhoneSoap claim the ‘The average phone is crawling with 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom. That means you’re just as likely to get sick from your phone as from the handles in the bathroom. Your phone breeds more bacteria, too. Your phone’s battery keeps it warm, and when it’s stored in warm, dark places like your pocket or purse, the bacteria multiply’.

So, you’re wondering how PhoneSoap works, it’s simple, place your cell phone in your PhoneSoap and close the lid. During a 10-minute cycle, a powerful UV-C light kills harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria. When the external blue indicator turns off, your cell phone is completely clean.

This UV-C light effectively destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart bacteria DNA. With their DNA broken, bacteria can’t function or reproduce, and the organisms die.

In nature, the UV-C light that causes this germicidal effect is harmful to our eyes but is blocked by Earth’s atmosphere. In the PhoneSoap’s controlled environment, UV-C light effectively and safely sanitises your cell phone, as well as anything else that fits inside your PhoneSoap like remotes, keys, tablets, and more.

I’ve been testing the PhoneSoap 3 for a few weeks and I love it, every phone I come into contact with, goes in there.

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Visit PhoneSoap here.

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