Google Pixel 3 Just Announced!


It’s been rumoured for so long and finally it is here! The new Pixel 3, it’s designed from the inside out to be the smartest, most helpful device in your life. It’s a phone that can answer itself, a camera that won’t miss a shot, and a helpful Assistant even while it’s charging…so they say.

There’s also a Google Pixel 3 XL if you need a larger Android flagship phone. Prices range from around $799/£739. It’s possible to preorder now and if you’re in the US the phone should be with you by October 18, elsewhere around the world, it will be 1 November.

It comes complete witha 12.2 MP dual pixel camera on the rear that f/1.8 aperture. It also have a dual front facing selfie camera using two 8 MP sensors.

We’ll feed through more information as soon as we have it!

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Top 10 iOS Mobile Photography Apps


Having consulted over 2,700 posts where I asked award winning mobile photographers for their favourite mobile photography apps, I feel confident publishing this article today.  Everything is relative and following extensive research I am happy to announce that these are TheAppWhisperer’s Top 10 iOS Mobile Photography Apps, at this time.  I have not included apps more suited to mobile art, they will be included in another post. There are of course,  more than ten good photography apps but these ones, should be standard on every mobile photographer’s device. Take a look…


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‘How I Did It’™ with Rad Drew – ‘How To Use SnapSeed to Keep Colour in Part of a B&W Image’


I’m glad to be back again to share another video tutorial on TheAppWhisperer segment, “How I Did It!™ with Rad A. Drew.” Today I have a very short and sweet video tutorial, How To Use SnapSeed to Keep Colour in Part of a B&W Image.

SnapSeed by Google, which runs on both iPhone and Android devices, has a very robust masking tool hidden in the adjustment stacks. I’ll show you how to use masking to selectively color part of an image. Note: This video assumes some basic knowledge of SnapSeed.

If you’d like more support learning SnapSeed, see my You Tube Channel, Rad Drew Photography, LLC  for additional free SnapSeed tutorials. You also may purchase my recent hour-long SnapSeed Webinar recording here. To be notified of my upcoming webinars on various mobile phone processing apps and techniques, sign up for my newsletter.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more to come! Until next time, keep on shooting!

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Mobile Photography – The Software behind the Cameras in Google’s Pixel Devices – Gcam


A really interesting article by my friend and colleague, Lars Rehm in DPReview yesterday, links to a collection of stories about Google’s now independent X research division, known as the ‘moonshot factory’. These stories relate to the group’s graduated projects and where they stand today.

Rehm explains, “The blog post outlines how the Gcam team was set up back in 2011 to find a solution for the Google Glasses smart goggles’ most pressing challenge: providing a high-quality camera in a very small device. As using bigger hardware wasn’t an option, the Gcam team developed a method called image fusion, which uses multi-frame-stacking techniques to create a single, higher quality image with lower noise levels, better detail and increased dynamic range”

To read more about this, please go here.


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Instagram Mobile Photographers To Follow Now @kerenzayuen by TheAppWhisperer

Share is about nurturing mobile photography and mobile art as well as discovering new art,  photography and of course, artists. This new section is an area where we can really explore and identify new talent. We are paying attention and we hand-pick highly talented mobile photographers and artists from Instagram and present them here.

Today, we are featuring and not a moment too soon @kerenzayuen – Kerenza, a student based in Toronto, Canada. Please take a look below.

To follow this new series, please go here.

[Please visit our Artist Directory and find out how we can add you too!]

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Mostly Mobile Photography & Mobile Art – Tickle Your Fancy #56


Welcome back to our fifty third post in our Tickle Your Fancysection. Tickle Your Fancy’ includes a round-up of between three to five links to articles from around the internet that have specifically interested us during the course of the week. Ones that we feel are relevant to your interest in photography and art.

Just to explain the title for this section ‘Tickle Your Fancy’ is an English idiom and essentially means that something appeals to you and perhaps stimulates your imagination in an enthusiastic way, we felt it would make a great title for this new section of the site.


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LG, Huawei and Google Team Up – Introduce Two Nexus Phones and One Tablet


Google made Android to be an open platform that anyone can build on, and today there are 4,000+ Android devices in all shapes and sizes. Android’s diversity is why it’s become the most popular mobile platform in the world, and the latest version, Marshmallow, takes Android to a new level of performance.

Today they are introducing the latest Nexus hardware, both running Marshmallow, sweetened by amazing apps and sandwiched by some cutting-edge hardware:

  • Nexus 6P is the first all-metal-body Nexus phone. Built in collaboration with Huawei, this 5.7” phone is crafted from aeronautical-grade aluminum, with a USB Type-C port for fast charging, a powerful 64-bit processor, and a 12.3 MP camera sensor with massive 1.55µm pixels (hello, better photos!). The Nexus 6P starts at $499.
  • You’re not the only one who misses your Nexus 5. We’ve joined forces with LG to bring it back with the new Nexus 5X, which gives you great performance in a compact and light package, with a beautiful 5.2” screen and the same 12.3 MP camera and Type-C port as the Nexus 6P. Nexus 5X starts at $379.

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New Photography App – Google Photos and It’s Amazing!


Google Photos allows you to organise and store all of your images, across all of your devices for a lifetime, literally. They’re automatically backed up and synced, so you can have peace of mind that your photos are safe, available across all your devices.

With Google Photos, you can now backup and store unlimited, high-quality photos and videos, for free. They maintain the original resolution up to 16MP for photos, and 1080p high-definition for videos, and store compressed versions of the photos and videos in beautiful, print-quality resolution.

Google Photos automatically organizes your memories by the people, places, and things that matter. You don’t have to tag or label any of them, and you don’t need to laboriously create albums. When you want to find a particular shot, with a simple search you can instantly find any photo—whether it’s your dog, your daughter’s birthday party, or your favorite beach in Santa Barbara. And all of this auto-grouping is private, for your eyes only.

The app can also help you quickly enhance photos and combine them in new ways to help you relive your life’s moments. In one tap, get instant adjustments tuned to the photo’s color, lighting, and subject to make each photo look its best. Press the “+” button to create your own collages, animations, movies with soundtracks, and more.

If you swipe to the left, you’ll open the Assistant view, where we’ll suggest new things made with your photos and videos, such as a collage or a story based on a recent trip you took. After previewing the creation, you can choose to keep, edit, or discard it.

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iOS Photography App – Snapseed Brings Grunge Back!


The previous update to Snapseed brought with it huge controversy as the Grunge effect had been removed. Well, now it’s back!  This update by Google to their uber popular photography editing app also adds selective advanced functions such as copy/paste and hide control points, improved look in HDR Scape, the saving option “Export” saves a new copy of the image without embedded editing information and some serious bug fixes.

Snapseed is free and of course this is a free update – click here to download/update.

The image below demonstrates the Grunge effect.

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Mobile Photography App – Snapseed – Updated – Complete Instructional Course FREE


Snapseed has received a huge update with a good volume of new features for both iOS and Android versions. Google, who now own Snapseed, since they purchased it from Nik Software have also added a Stacking feature, allowing you to undo and re-edit any image. There are some great tools including Lens Blur, Perspective Transform and Spot Healing as well as that, there’s a new Brush tool and the UI has been completely and aesthetically upgraded.

Best of all Kelbyone have published a complete free course of this new version of Snapseed to help you become as one.  To view that, please go here.

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