Instagram TAKEOVER with Mimi Svanberg (@imagomimago) – Days 6 – 7


For the past week Mimi Svanberg @imagomimago, has been publishing three of her images each day to our Instagram feed and it’s been captivating. When viewing this body of work (which you can view in full in our Instagram feed, @theappwhisperer), I’ve felt a vulnerableness in Svanberg’s visual language, there’s a tactility in this body of work, illuminating the view, that time is in flux. Each image may suspend one moment but that’s the illusion. Her photos lose their boundaries, becoming a continuation of ritualised awareness. We’re drawn deeper into the present moment  and then we’re allowed to transcend time, entering willingly, with want. Svanberg is a master of atmosphere, her models, seem marooned in their own thoughts to the point of torpor. Her autobiographical portraits reveal an intimate evocation of her lost and adrift soul. She has created a visual story, one that transgresses social codes and one that affirms, you never truly get away from yourself.

Huge thanks to Mimi Svanberg what a week it has been, thank you!

Today, we will announce a new Instagram TakeOver, again with a very talented mobile photographer, stand by for that!

To view the others, please head over to our Instagram account  @theappwhisperer.

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Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @tankaqueen – Days 10 & 11


We are so excited with our latest Instagram TAKEOVER this time with @tankaqueen – Alexis Rotella, she is a highly admired and adept mobile photographer/artist with the most discerning eye. Rotella has been granted full access to our Instagram account and she is doing a very impressive job. We are very proud of her!

On Day 10  @tankaqueen highlighted the work of @mariane.rieter and she writes Congrats Marianne Rieter on your mystical garden scene. I can sense the invisible world here. This is my 10th day of Takeover and am delighted to include this beautiful floral (Alexis Rotella @tankaqueen)”.

On Day 11  @tankaqueen highlighted the work of @janisbrandenburg – Janis Brandenburg and she writes Janice Brandenburg Lee is the pick for my 11th day of Takeover. Her treatment of calla lilies in watercolor fashion is simply lovely. (Alexis Rotella@tankaqueen)”.

Please take a look at our @TheAppWhisperer Instagram account to follow all the goings on and please also tag your images with #TheAppWhisperer, so that they can be found and potentially featured.

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Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @armineh29 – Day 7


We are so grateful to @armineh29 – Armineh Hovanesian, whom we entrusted with our Instagram account on 11th December 2017 for seven days after she was gracefully handed the baton by @before.1st.light – Jane Schultz, after she received it from @lee_atwell – Lee Atwell, who in turn received it from our first Instagram Takeover artist @pyschephoto – Robin Cohen. 

On Day 7 @armineh29 highlighted a brilliant artist whom we greatly admire and have done so for considerable time. In fact we even wrote about her via LensCulture some time ago (I am contributing editor over there too).

Getting back to @armineh29’s final day 7, she writes “for my 7th and last day of invasion, I would like to highlight @louisewhiting and her body of work. Louise was one of the first mobile photographers I started following on IPA and fell in love with her work. Her portraits are stunning as are her layered creations. I have the utmost respect and admiration for her and always look forward to seeing her work. Congratulations, Louise!” We couldn’t agree more, Whiting’s art is stunning.

So, very sadly for us we have to ask @armineh29 to hand over the baton to our next featured artist. We are going to miss this wonderful artist but she’s always close by and we do know that you are all going to be very excited indeed when we tell you who @armineh29 is handing over the baton too next.

Finally, dear Armineh, thank you so much for your care, your stunning curation and most of all, your company. Thank you x.

Please keep tagging your images with #TheAppWhisperer if you would like our new featured artist to find your art and hope to be found and possibly featured.

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