Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @lee_atwell – Days 5 and 7


We are so grateful to @lee_atwell – Lee Atwell, whom we entrusted with our Instagram account on 27th November 2017 for seven days after she was gracefully handed the baton by @pscyhephoto – Robin Cohen. 

On Day five, Atwell selected @christineobrienart ‘s image which Atwell described as “Christine’s wonderfully composed nighttime image, reminiscent of an oil painting, is captivating. It is beautifully layered with tones of rich reds contrasted with deep lush greens, blues and purples. The star-like lights on the masts and their reflected light shimmer with golden luminosity – wonderful work, Christine!”.  

On Day six, Atwell selected @louisewhiting to feature and actually, we also featured this as our lead image to our fabulous weekly Flickr showcase this week, if you missed that, please go here. Atwell goes on to describe this work as “At first viewing it reminded me of a sophisticated Art Deco Vogue Magazine cover from the 20s or 30s with the beautiful composition of the angled woman wearing an elegant black gown and over the elbow gloves. However, on closer viewing, the dress becomes a splashy rhapsody of black ‘paint’ with collage elements, that are set against a richly textured background – all giving the image an ‘Art Deco meets bohemian chic flare’ – stunning work and gallery, Louise!”

On Day seven and sadly her final day Atwell selected @jules4921 and she writes “…Today is day 7 and the final day of my weeklong ‘Instagram Takeover’ of @theappwhisperer . It was wonderful to spend the week immersed in your beautiful and inspiring images. I would have loved to have featured so many more of your images this past week – a difficult task to choose just one per day. Thank you for this opportunity, Joanne. Grateful to be a part of this wonderful mobile photography community you’ve inspired 🙏💕 Today’s image is by @jules4921 Rita’s beautifully composed black and white image of a woman within a window frame exudes intrigue. Her dramatically outlined partial eyes and blurred hand, surrounded by the steamy window, accentuates the mysterious mood.  Beautiful work, Rita!”

We are so thankful to @lee_atwell for her attentive and creative focus on our Instagram account, it’s been such an inspiring week. Thank you so much dear Lee.

We’ll be announcing a new TAKEOVER very soon, stay tuned for that!

Please head over to our @theappwhisperer Instagram account to follow and please tag your images with #theappwhisperer so that they can be found and featured!

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