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Wow, what an incredible collection of images we have received to our Reflect Mirror Camera App Competition – just stunning! We asked our wonderful artists to create an image using this app, developed by Brain Fever Media and did they deliver!

Our competition has been running over on Instagram, within our hashtag #theappwhisperer_reflect. Please take a look at all of the entries.

This was a very difficult competition to judge but I have made my decision. The overall winner and receiver of a new 4-in-1 Olloclip lens system, Olloclip Case and a copy of Kat Sloma’s ‘Art with an iPhone’ book, is @rzh_edits – Ryan Hacker from Austin, Texas.

Our two runners up, who will also receive a copy of Kat Sloma’s ‘Art with an iPhone’ book are: @imaco57 – Isabel Afonso and @mauzzan – Mauirzio Zanetti

We have created a video of a shortlist of our favourite images from this competition, please take a look below. Many congratulations to the following artists for being featured:  mosquitolife/ Dreaming Agnes, Kristie Michelle, Edith Meier, Marsha Estes, prlilly, cavalierart / Sherri Cavalier, tantographics / David, ang_p70k / Angela, vollygda / Waldemar Blazej Nowak, vadqcooper -Vicki Cooper, _chris_wadsworth / Chris Wadsworth.

Huge thanks to Brain Fever Media, Olloclip and Kat Sloma for sponsoring and supporting this competition for all our readers.

If you would like to try Reflect Mirror Camera app for yourselves and create some incredible images, please download it here.

Details of the prizes and competition rules can be found here.

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Mobile Photography Competition – Reflect Mirror Camera – with Great Prizes – Don’t Miss This!


We are very excited today to bring you news of this brand new mobile photography competition that we are hosting in conjunction with the highly accomplished app developers,  BrainFeverMedia utilising their app, Reflect Mirror Camera.

Reflect Mirror Camera enables the artist to add reflections to their images. There are 30+ customisable reflection presets and additional features including mask tools, layered effects, atmospheric fog and more.

BrainFeverMedia the brains behind this innovative app are extremely professional app developers. Their accomplished and successful apps include SkyLab Photo Editor, LensLight, AlienSky, LensFlare, Circular, Lens FX.

Read below for more details about this competition:

Reflect Mirror Competition

We are hosting this competition in conjunction with BrainFeverMedia to find your very best images using this app. As this is a reflection app, we really want to see what you can do, to demonstrate this app to its very best capabilities.

We are hosting this competition on Instagram, we would like you to add this hashtag #theappwhisperer_reflect to each image you would like to include. The competition will run for 30 days, from today – 27 September 2016 until 26 October 2016.

The overall winner and finalist images will be in the opinion of myself, Joanne Carter, Founder and Editorial Director of, to have captured images that represent the true aspects of the Reflect Mirro Camera app developed by BrainFeverMedia.

The prizes are as stated below and no alternatives or substitutes will be provided.

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Competition Results of our Art with an iPhone Challenge with Kat Sloma


We recently reviewed a wonderful book by Kat Sloma entitled ‘Art with an iPhone’, if you missed the review, please go here. We were so inspired by this book that we decided to launch an Instagram competition, to share three copies with our readers. We asked you to submit your best Art with an iPhone and today we are extremely happy to annouce our winners.

Thank you so much to the author of this book, Kat Sloma for donating these books for our competition, thank you also to all who entered and of course, many congratulations to Dominique Torrent, M. Cecilia Sao Thiago and Elaine Taylor for their winning images. (We will be in contact with all the winners to confirm postage addresses in due course).

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Art with an iPhone by Kat Sloma – Book Review and Competition!


“This books passes muster as a great instructional tool for the novice mobile artist – A Classic”, Joanne Carter, 2016

Recently in a cafe I was hungrily perusing ‘Art with an iPhone – A Photographer’s Guide to Creating Altered Realities’ by American Fine Art Photographer, Writer and Instructor, Kat Sloma, when a woman I knew touched me on the shoulder and asked what I was reading. I considered this question as I glanced up and around at all the other customers in the cafe and noticed that most of them were engrossed with their iPhones, possibly (hopefully) apping images. ‘It’s a book about creating art with an iPhone’, I replied. She looked surprised and then asked if she could join me. This then became the perfect way to review this book. I explained that ‘Art with an iPhone’ is a great learning platform for newcomers to this wonderful artform to develop their skills, my friend became hooked and is now a great new mobile artist!

Sloma explains, That’s not photography,” the long-time photographer commented to me, “I don’t know what it is, but it’s not photography…

A few years ago, as I started to transition to my iPhone camera and apps to create images, I got that a lot. It was a bit confusing, truth be told. I knew my images did not always end up looking like what most people expected a photograph to look like, but how could it not be photography? I was still using a camera; still using all of the skills I had learned over the years to see and frame and expose images. I just took them a little further in post-processing than I used to. I didn’t try to portray reality any more.

I went through a bit of an identity crisis after hearing enough of those comments. If it’s not photography, then what is it? If I’m not a photographer, then who am I? I loved what I was doing, and I wrestled with this question for a while, coming to a simple conclusion that took me back to where I started. Yes, I am a photographer, because what I do starts with an image captured with a camera.  The starting image is crucial to my creative process. Without it, my art doesn’t exist.

I now call what I do “altered photography” because I want to signal that it’s not what people typically expect photography to look like, but I also want the people who see my work to know it started as photograph. I am proud of my art form, and the wonderful history of this fantastic medium. I believe what I (and so many others!) are doing with photographic images on mobile devices is one more step in the evolution of the photograph. We are, one image at a time, expanding the definition of photography.

But right now we are in a time of transition. Not everyone is on board with this point of view. If you ask other photographers, yourself even, “Is it photography or not?” I would expect to hear wildly different reactions”.


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