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Established in 2009 TheAppWhisperer is the World’s most popular mobile photography and art website. We love mobile photography and art and we want others to love it too. Our aim is to inform, educate and inspire all things related to mobile photography and art.

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The Columbus (OH) Museum of Art and the #jj Community present #MobilePhotoNow, the largest mobile photography exhibition ever organized by a museum, February 6 – March 22, 2015. #MobilePhotoNow highlights the emerging art form of mobile photography and the impact of social media and smart phones as a means of creative expression.

“One of our goals at the Museum is to foster creativity,” said Nannette V. Maciejunes, CMA Executive Director. “#MobilePhotoNow speaks to that goal and to our commitment to innovation and our belief in the transformative power of art. ”

“Smart phones and social media have dramatically changed photography,” said Jennifer Poleon, CMA Digital Communications Manager and organizer for #MobilePhotoNow. “People all over the world can experiment, create and connect thanks to the camera we carry in our pockets.”

#MobilePhotoNow  is the next evolution in CMA’s ongoing initiative to connect people to art and each other. In 2012, CMA was the first museum to present an exhibition drawn entirely from Instagram. CMA used its critically acclaimed exhibition The Radical Camera: New York’s Photo League, 1936 – 1951 as the inspiration for a series of photo hunts. The prompts, based on the assignments the original Photo League artists gave one another, generated more than 800 submissions and gave life to an installation of 30 works in the Museum’s Community Gallery.

The energy generated by the Photo Hunts attracted the attention of Josh Johnson whose #jj on Instagram is one of the world’s largest and most active communities of photographers. CMA and #jj Community partnered throughout October to post themed photo challenges that engaged the mobile photography community. More than 5,000 photographers from 89 different countries submitted nearly 45,000 images. The resulting exhibition, co-presented by CMA and #JJ, will feature more than 300 images from nearly 230 photographers representing 40 different countries.

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Mobile Photo Now: A Major Worldwide Mobile Photography Project & Exhibition


I am very pleased to hear about this photography Project and Exhibition. Kevin Kuster who is also a good friend and a Columnist for us sent me the following information.  You can read more about Kevin here, in addition.

‘Columbus Museum of Art and the #jj community (Instagram), the world’s largest community of photographers, launch the largest museum mobile photography exhibition to date.

Mobile Photo Now (February 6, 2015 – March 22, 2015) will highlight the emerging art form of mobile photography, and the power of social media and smart phones as a means of creative expression. In the fall of 2012, Columbus Museum of Art became the first museum in the world to present a curated, crowdsourced exhibition based on the photography app Instagram.

Photos for Mobile Photo Now will be co-curated by CMA and JJ from photo challenges issued throughout October 2014′.

To register for this project and exhibition, please go here


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Kickstarter – COVR Photo – An iPhone Case with a Built In Camera Lens – An Interview


This is a cool little project with support and backing from both our Columnists Richard Koci Hernadez and Kevin Kuster among 986 others- $65,966 has actually been pledged so far to get this product into production. COVR Photo is a … Read more

Mobile Photography New Year Resolutions From Around The World! Part 2


At the beginning of the year it’s traditional to make a promise to oneself to improve in some way, this could be to improve finances, improve education, improve mental health, improve physical health and so on. We wanted to speak … Read more

Watts of Love – Philippines Disaster Relief With Kevin Kuster


Our wonderful columnist Kevin Kuster (previously Senior Photo Editor for Playboy magazine) is working with the non-profit @watts_of_love. They distributed 1000 solar LED lights to Ilin Island last February to the poorest of the poor and the effects were life … Read more

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