Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @tankaqueen – Days 12 to 14


We are so grateful to @tankaqueen – Alexis Rotella, whom we entrusted with our Instagram account for fourteen days after she was gracefully handed the baton by @lisarmitchellphotography – Lisa Mitchell. To view all the posts in the series, please go here. Or of course, head over to our @theappwhisperer Instagram account.

On Day 12 @tankaqueen highlighted the work of @badgrowshop – James Ellis and she writes “@badgrowshop creates curious portraits using overlay techniques that challenge the rational mind. I especially love this fish-eye girl. Today is my 12th day of the Instagram Takeover…until tomorrow, it’s Alexis Rotella @tankaqueen signing off”.

On Day 13 @tankaqueen highlighted the work of @lars.hansen1303 – Lars Hansen and she writes “Lars.hansen landscapes are worth checking out. Tranquil scenes that are sure to quell frazzled nerves. My 13th day of Takeover, one more to go. Signing off…Alexis Rotella @tankaqueen…congratulations Lars!”

On Day 14 @tankaqueen highlighted the work of @tatsmosc Maria Moscoso and she writes “Congratulations @tatsmosc Maria Moscoso for your brilliant look at infinity. That gigantic ball of intelligence we call the sun is a mysterious being and we are it’s children. This is my last day of the Takeover. I thank Joanne Carter for inviting me and for trusting my judgment….Alexis Rotella @tankaqueen”

So, very sadly for us we have to ask @tankaqueen to hand over the baton to our next featured artist. We are going to miss this wonderful artist but she’s always close by and we do know that you are all going to be very excited indeed when we tell you who @tankaqueen is handing over the baton to next.

Please keep tagging your images with #TheAppWhisperer if you would like our new featured artist to find your art and hope to be found and possibly featured.

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Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @lisarmitchellphotography – Days 6 – 10


We are so excited with our latest Instagram TAKEOVER this time with @lisarmitchellphotography – Lisa Mitchell, she is a highly respected and talented mobile photographer/artist with the most discerning eye. Mitchell has been granted full access to our Instagram account and she is doing a very impressive job. We are very proud of her!

On Day 6 @lisarmitchellphotography writes “Day 6 of my IG takeover, and today I have chosen this wonderful image by @lorenka . I am an avid follower of Lorenka’s beautifully, emotive work. It speaks to me from the heart. The different facets to this piece with it’s clever layering and textural images are simply divine ❤”

On Day 7@lisarmitchellphotography writes “and so today is Day 7 of my IG takeover, and as it’s my birthday I have chosen a selection of wonderful images rather than just one to celebrate! Congratulations to @public_lens @lars.hansen1303 @before.1st.light @clarisse_debout @jorgeolaveriveros @effe5 @elizabadoiu @imagomimago @louisewhiting ❤❤❤”

Later on Day 7 @lisarmitchellphotography writes here for Day 7 of my IG takeover, and as today is my birthday, I have chosen a selection of wonderful images to celebrate! Congratulations to @gilliannb @psychephoto @sunflowerof21 @sugarama @gingerlucero @diananicholettejeon @giuliabaita @harkinjoyce @kate.z.roberts ❤❤❤❤

A little later on Day 7 @lisarmitchellphotography writes “Day 7 of my IG takeover, and as it’s my birthday today, I have also included aselection of my own work to celebrate! I have an eclectic style and shoot with Iphone mainly but also camera. I love edited works and straight shots, landscape to portraiture, and all things in between. I soon have a Solo Show with over 70 new works, and here is a selection of the pieces I will be exhibiting ❤”

On Day 8 @lisarmitchellphotography here, and Day 8 of my IG takeover (this really is such fun!) Today I have chosen this wonderfully emotive image by @npatienza_art .There are so many alluring elements to this piece, and I love the written script that has been layered onto it.

On Day 9 @lisarmitchellphotography writes, “todays wonderful image is by @maiiramee.  This hauntingly emotive work jumped off the page to me. I love it! ❤”

On Day 10 she writes “Day 10 of my IG takeover and I have chosen this wonderful piece by @ilemusi . Such a gorgeous image. I love the darkness revealing just a glimpse of the sitter. ❤”.

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