Mobile Photography – TrueView Interview “Why Do You Create Mobile Photography/Art?” with M. Cecilia São Thiago currently based in Paris, France


Our TrueView Interview section is an area where we ask one singular question, to mobile photographers and artists and it is captured to video. This time we asked exceptionally accomplished Mobile Artist M. Cecilia Sao Thaigo, “Why Do You Create Mobile Photography/Art?”

Many artists are working on their videos right now and each video is as unique and individual as each artist. We are fully conscious and respectful that you are all capturing a part of yourself and sharing it with us and we love it.  Thank you.

Thank you for being a reader and viewer of our wonderful site. If you would like to view our previous TrueView Interviews, please go here.

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Mobile Photography & Art Flickr Group Showcase – 22 May 2016


Currently, I am on a personal quest to discover and build my knowledge of human happiness. It is a vast subject and I do not pertain to elude quiet or even loud wisdom on this matter. Reading Matt Haig’s ‘Reasons … Read more

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