Mobile Photography Competition – MIRA Mobile Prize – Black & White Street Photography


I am delighted to announce that the new MIRA Mobile Prize competition is now open for entries.  This time the theme is Street Photography and Manuela Matos Monteiro, the host has described it as: The true character of an environment can be found in people, streets, traffic, gardens and other public places. We invite you to show how you see the surroundings and the unknown places you visit. Through your photos, freeze moments in an original form, taking your point of view. Enjoy the invisibility and the immediacy of your mobile device! Share the way you see the streets of the world, registering moments and signs of human life. Types of street photography: urban cultur , street portraits, street art, travel, architecture, among others. The photographs in the contest can be edited according to the aesthetic options of their authors. The theme of the contest – street photography – does not fit into the strict context of documentary photography or photojournalism.”

The deadline for submission is 12th September 2017.

This free to enter competition allows applicants to submit up to three images, all must be black and white. To find more details, please go here.


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