New Mobile Photography & Art Competition – MAJE – Mobile Art – Jazz Experience – Submissions Open


I am inspired to announce the latest New ERA Mobile Photography & Art Exhibition, entitled Mobile Art Jazz Experience (MAJE). From the mind of visionary Andrea Bigiarini,  It is a revolutionary concept of Mobile Art where photos will come ‘alive’ enhanced by live music, composed specifically for this event, by musician Marco Testoni (Pollock Project). Thirteen 511-inches screens and thirty two laser projectors installed in the Santo Stefano al Ponte church, will ensure this is an event, always to be remembered.

There will be four acts to this unique experience, more in line with a revolutionary opera. Each depicting an element of human emotion. Including: Act 1 – Thoughtful, Act 2 – Action, Act 3 – Drama and finally Act 4 – Funny, the grotesque.

The exhibition will be held inside the ancient medieval cloister of the Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte – Florence – Italy from 5 April to 19 April 2018 (with a footfall of 3k per week) along with rare portraits and caricatures of the French painter Claude Monet.

I am proud to be a President of this Jury and in addition am honoured to endorse The highly prized MAJE TheAppWhisperer Award. The two additional presidents will also present special awards, these include Cadu Lemos -the MAJE mObgraphia Award and Manuela Matos Monteiro will present the MAJE MIRA Award.

The full jury list can be found here.

Submissions are now open until 20th March 2018. To enter this competition you are required to purchase a token. One token is 30 Euros ($35) (£27) and will allow you to enter up to four photographs. There is no limit on the number of tokens you can purchase, if you wish to enter more images than this. This is the link to purchase Tokens.


To read the full rules and learn how to participate in this competition, please follow this link.

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