Instagram TakeOver with Ocean Morisset @oceanstide from Peekskill, New York


We are extremely excited to announce Ocean Morisset @oceanstide has accepted our invitation to takeover our Instagram account for the next seven days. Morisset is a is a self-taught, award-winning photographer with nearly twenty years of experience specializing in Photojournalism and Documentary photography. A self described “humanitarian-with-a-camera”, Morisset also explores Fine Art photography and engages with a wide range of subjects in life, though his passion remain in telling stories with images. Morisset’s choice of subject matter reveals his humanitarianism, as he has a keen eye for the unnoticed and under-appreciated aspects of life, and presents them in a way that the viewer takes hold of the image for their own self-reflection.

Ocean Morisset is a Veteran of the the United States Air Force Reserves having served in Operation Desert Shield/Storm (1990-91) as a Medic. He has continued this career path in the civilian world taking care of people with HIV/AIDS at various medical institutions throughout New York City. 

Each day, Morisset will publish three of his own images to our Instagram feed – @theappwhisperer and we can’t wait to view them!

Take a look at our Instagram feed, here, to follow all that he publishes!

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