‘One Day Odyssey’ Mobile Photography & Art Challenge with Cristina Rossi from Italy


On 30th May 2017, we launched a new Challenge, relevant to all genres of mobile photography and art. A Challenge like no other, as our main requirement is for you to spend at least seven hours, taking or creating mobile … Read more

Mobile Photography & Art Challenge – One Day Odyssey


We are launching a new Challenge today that is relevant to all genres of mobile photography and art. This is a Challenge like no other!  It is for one complete day, at least seven hours and we want you to submit a minimum of ten and no more than fifteen images. The idea of this project is that you take yourself on an journey and spend all day taking mobile photographs and/or creating mobile art.

We want you to dedicate a whole day to photography and art because you deserve it.  So, please mark a day on your calendar and spend that day taking and creating mobile images.

We don’t mind what type of photography you do, you may prefer to walk off into luscious landscape, if you do, perhaps you will want to arrive at sunrise and walk all day until sunset.

You may prefer to have a day taking portraiture images, this could be a prearranged shoot, or you may prefer to take some group portraiture in the streets.

You could go all out and settle on street photography, perhaps try and visit as many towns as you can in one day to photograph.

Whilst on this odyssey, consider collecting some non photographic items/momentos from your trip and including these in the images you create, such as a bus/tube/subway ticket.

This Odyssey will run from 30th May 2017 – 30th June 2017

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