Perspective Correct – Temporary Price Drop


We’ve mentioned the Perspective Correct app several times here at, not least because one of our wonderful Columnists Misho Baranovic is part of the development team. Perspective Correct has been developed to fix horizontal and vertical perspective distortion in … Read more

Ask Misho – Perspective Correct : A Step By Step Tutorial On How To Fix Perspective In Your iPhone Photos


We know Misho is excited and we are too, this tutorial is based on his first (of many 😉 apps, that he has just released with developer Neccessory. We are also giving away promo codes for this app today, you … Read more

Perspective Correct – Brand New App From Misho Baranovic & Neccessory Developers


We’re delighted to announce a brand new app developed by one of our Columnists Misho Baranovic and app developer Neccessory. This is a ‘perspective correct’ app effectively enabling the user to fix horizontal and vertical perspective distortion. It also does … Read more

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