Infographic – From Kodak to iPhonography – The Evolution of Photography into Social Media


I am delighted to publish this infographic ‘From Kodak to iPhonography – The Evolution of Photography into Social Media’. Produced by our colleagues at the London School of Photography. Antonio Leanza explains in the following text how social media has influenced the way we capture images as well as our preferred hardware for shooting. (Foreword by Joanne Carter)

“Photography is a medium we can all relate to on a personal level, whether that’s re-living the happy memories of a family photo or observing the emotions through a breath-taking landscape image. It’s also a medium that some of us have accidentally taken for granted. Has it ever occurred to you just how much the photographic industry has grown through time?

The Kodak to iPhonography infographic – created by our content team over at  the London School of Photography is aimed to educate readers by covering a brief history of how the camera first came about, its evolution through time and the impact social media has had on the photographic world and the ever-rising “smartphone photography” movement.

From the initial stages of the Camera Obscura and its invention in the 1800’s all the way through to the conception of Instagram – photography as we know it today has grown so vastly that it has become a universal medium that is shareable and speaks a thousand words. Instagram is one of the many social media applications that is responsible for such demand in high-quality yet fast image creation on the go, hence the increased innovation that’s gone into creating technologically advanced smartphones”.

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