PortraitCam Ultimate Camera – Brand New iPhone Photography App Announcement


We are very excited to bring you ‘hot off the press’ news of a new app PortraitCam Ultimate Camera by the highly talented developers, BrainFeverMedia.  PortraitCam Ultimate Camera enables you to create stunning depth of field lens blur with your iPhone X (or compatible devices). Get DLSR-quality focus and bokeh with simple controls. Choose focus mode, bokeh-shape, and set blur level in a few easy steps. Finalize your photo with stunning flares captured from real lenses to give your photo a professional look.

– Automatically detect faces

– Depth capture for compatible devices

– Portrait Mode for everyone

– Real lens flares

BrainFeverMedia the brains behind this innovative app are extremely professional app developers. Their accomplished and successful apps include LensLight, Glass Tilt Shift, SWRLY, AlienSky, LensFlare, Circular, Lens FX and Reflect.

PortraitCam Ultimate Camera retails for $3.99. Stand by though because we will be announcing some promotional giveaway codes for this app soon in addition to a thrilling competition!

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