Mobile Photography – App of the Day Recrop (previously known as AntiCrop) by TouchRetouch Developers ADVA Soft


We are delighted today to annouce our App of the Day Recrop. This is an updated app, which was previously known as AntiCrop) by the developers of the uber popular TouchRetouch app, ADVA Soft. ReCrop has become more composition orientated as opposed to AntiCrop. It gives the operator a second chance to reframe your original shots, post capturing – allowing you to crop, uncrop and straighten.

The update, is not just all that though, there’s also a newly improved algorithm, meaning this app is now even better at filling in the expanded areas based on the content surrounding it and works best with uniform backgrounds. Straightening is lossless, just as it was in the previous version.

In addition to that, you can flip and rotate photos, move the frame strictly along the axes, if needed and choose from multiple saving and sharing options.

There are also embedded inapp tutorials too in the dramatically redesigned interface, to help you further.

We have embedded a tutorial video within this post, for you to further understand what we have written here, see below.

And of course, you know our generousity knows no bounds to our dear readers, so we’re going to offer you a chance to receive a promotional code for this app. Firstly, you will need to post a comment, in the comments section of this post, on our website – not on our vast social media channels, we need them at – so we can extract your email address in order to organise the giveaway. If you’re stuck on what to write in the comment section, perhaps you’d like to give us some feedback, tell us how we’re doing, what you’d like to see and hopefully you’ll be selected a promotiional code for Recrop will find it’s way into your email Inbox. The other thing we would like you to do, if you don’t mind, is follow us on Twitter (that way you won’t miss anything in the future. All winners are selected at random, good luck!

If you’re too excited to wait to find out if you’re a winner of our app giveaway, you can head over to the app store right now, Recrop is there and waiting for you. It retails at $1.99, click here to go there.

Read moreMobile Photography – App of the Day Recrop (previously known as AntiCrop) by TouchRetouch Developers ADVA Soft

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