Mobile Photography – Tips for Black and White Mobile Photography


Great video featuring fabulous mobile photographers, Oliver Lang, Koci Hernandez, Dutch Doscher, Doc Pop and Christian Sweet. This video shows them discussing their techniques and apps for shooting black and white photography with a smart phone.


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All Moment Cases $25 Each This Weekend Only and Free US Delivery


Thought you would like to hear this news, if you are hoping to get into the Moment series, which includes a selection of top mobile photography lenses and cases, then this weekend Moment have a special offer, all of their cases are available for $25, with free postage within the US using this code freeshipping.

To find out more, go here.

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Pro photo tips for using Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus


Apple continues to embrace photography with their new iPhone 7 Plus, as we all know. On 6 December 2016, Apple published an article to their newsroom blog providing tips for using the Portraiture mode on the brand spanking new, iPhone 7 Plus. These tips were contributed by professional photographers and represent a good learning platform.

To read the post in full on the Apple newsroom blog, please go here.

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Apple iPhone Image Uploads Dominate Flickr in 2016


With over 241,118 images uploaded to our seventeen Flickr Groups, it came as no surprise to us at TheAppWhisperer to learn that smartphones have dominated Flickr uploads this year with Apple leading. Flickr reports, In 2016, we saw interesting trends continue with the top manufacturers and devices. As in previous years, smartphones have grown as the dominant device of choice, while point and shoot and DSLR cameras both lost ground.

Smartphones accounted for 48% of the photos uploaded to Flickr, up from 39% last year. DSLR was 25%, down from 31% in 2015, and point and shoot was 21%, down from 25% in 2015. Mirrorless remained flat at 3% of photos uploaded in 2016″.

Apple device upload was dominated with 47% of all Flickr users preferring to use an iPhone. Eight of the top ten devices were iPhones, with the 6, 5s, and 6s in the top three positions.


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National Geographic – New York City Smartphone Photo Workshop


This workshop is led by a National Geographic photographer and a professional instructor  and is designed for amateurs who seek to effectively use and share mobile imagery and are interested in exploring the creative side of smartphone photography. All participants must bring a mobile device with a camera such as an iPhone, Windowsphone, or Android smartphone. The workshop is limited to 25 participants.


Jun 03 – 04, 2017 – to request a reservation, go here.

Oct 07 – 08, 2017 – to request a reservation, go here.

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Viral Smartphone Photography & Video Techniques – iPhone 7 Plus Camera Explored


Joseph Linaschke otherwise known as PhotoJoseph – a colleague I used to work with, explores the features of the iPhone 7 Plus camera with dual lenses and RAW capture. See RAW photos shot at sunrise then manipulated in Lightroom Mobile. Take a look…

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Mobile Photography/Art – Pic of the Day (427) – via Instagram – TheAppWhisperer


Here’s day four hundred and twenty seven of our mobile photography/art Pic of the Day section via Instagram. Each day we will be selecting one image a day for our Pic of the Day section on Instagram with this hashtag – #theappwhisperer. Furthermore, each month we will also offer an overall prize to the image that receives the most love.

To ensure your image receives our attention, please upload it to Instagram with this hashtag – #theappwhisperer

Today, we congratulate @mitrydate with this image.

Please view more of her stunning images here.

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Mobile Photography / Art – Saturday Poetry – ‘Old Love and New’


This weeks Saturday Poetry, matched with mobile photography/art is entitled ‘Old Love and New’ by Sara Teasdale. Teesdale received public admiration for her well-crafted lyrical poetry which centered on a woman’s changing perspectives on beauty, love, and death. Many of Teasdale’s poems chart developments in her own life, from her experiences as a sheltered young woman in St. Louis, to those as a successful yet increasingly uneasy writer in New York City, to a depressed and disillusioned person who would commit suicide in 1933. Although many later critics would not consider Teasdale a major poet, she was popular in her lifetime with both the public and critics. She won the first Columbia Poetry Prize in 1918, a prize that would later be renamed the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

Source: Poetry Foundation

I have matched @time.and.again – Amanda Parker’s image ‘Rainy Day’ with this poem. You can view and follow her here on Instagram.

To view the others we have published in this section, go here. To ensure your image receives our attention, please upload it to Instagram with this hashtag – #theappwhisper

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Mostly Mobile Photography & Mobile Art – Tickle Your Fancy #49


Welcome back to our forty ninth post in our Tickle Your Fancysection. Tickle Your Fancy’ includes a round-up of between three to five links to articles from around the internet that have specifically interested us during the course of the week. Ones that we feel are relevant to your interest in photography and art.

Just to explain the title for this section ‘Tickle Your Fancy’ is an English idiom and essentially means that something appeals to you and perhaps stimulates your imagination in an enthusiastic way, we felt it would make a great title for this new section of the site.

We really hope you enjoy these articles over the weekend…

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Mobile Photography – StreetWise – Welcome and Fifth Challenge – ‘Accessories in the Street’


Hello Everyone!

We are in the process of curating our August StreetWise showcase and wanted to thank you all for submitting such great images – we look forward to sharing it with you soon!

The theme of our next challenge is ‘Accessories in the Street’.

CHALLENGE 5: ‘Accessories in the Street’

Deadline:  August 31st, 2016

“Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” Epictetus, First Century, AD

While walking the streets it is evident that the height of the summer season is upon us, given the attire and accessories that people are adorning themselves in.

Our challenge this month is  ‘Accessories’ – hats, sunglasses, shoes, purses, jewellery, watches, etc.

As photographers in the streets we are always scanning our environment for light, shadows, people, animals, situations etc, that capture our attention – the ‘decisive moment’. When taking photos of people, we often will notice interesting characters and often what makes them stand out in a crowd is the clothes or accessories they are wearing – and, it can be that their accessories can make the difference between capturing a good photo versus a great photo.

We are are thrilled to view your submissions each month and look forward to seeing and curating your photos for this next ‘Accessories’ showcase.

A reminder we have two Flickr groups – please post your challenge photos to the following link labeled in the title or description with ‘StreetWise Accessories Challenge.’

A recap of the rules and procedure for entry:

For challenges please post up to four photos to our Flickr Challenge Showcase Site and in your title or description include ‘StreetWise – Accessories’.

Please post photos for our monthly showcase here:

We look forward to seeing your photos.

Images by ©Lee Atwell and ©Ilana Buch-Akoundi

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