The Fluid Self: Visualising New Identities


This month Adobe Stock are exploring the ways our views of identity are changing and how Adobe are looking to bring greater diversity to stock.

Adobe’s Principal of Creative and Visual Trends, Brenda Milis highlights that, “Identity is so much less permanent and stable than it used to be. Just consider the fact that Facebook has 71 gender options now. There are endless permutations of individual identity. A few years ago, people were talking about race or ethnicity, then body type, abilities, and age. Now we’re looking at the fluid self—identity as a vast and ever-changing range of ideas that should all be celebrated.” As we examine this trend, we’ll consider how brands are adapting to emerging definitions of the self.

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Tickle Your Fancy – #13 – NSFW


Welcome back to our thirteenth post in our new section ‘Tickle Your Fancy’. ‘Tickle Your Fancy’ includes a round-up of five links to articles from around the internet that have specifically interested us during the course of the week. Ones … Read more

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