Chaos Ensues After “The Web Is Dead” Article; Flight Doodle Enables Survivors To Flee The Pandemonium


Hot air balloon game for iPhone and iPad is ready to transport players using the only medium worth living for, the app.


“The Web Is Dead” and the developers at Eyedip could not care less. Why bother with it when when the Flight Doodle app for the iPhone and iPad was just unveiled? No one wants to spend all day “searching” when clever games like this are available right this second. With the World Wide Web in such obvious decline, it’s no wonder Eyedip is creating more and more apps to delightfully entertain and simply satisfy people of the world. Enter Flight Doodle and Flight Doodle HD.

This tilt-controlled, hot-air balloon game combines customizable aircraft, lush, colorful environments and brilliant graphics that take gamers on the ultimate high-flying adventure. Attempting to reach extreme heights, players collect tools and power-ups, and exercise agility to avoid varied enemies and obstacles. These forces combine to create a delightfully light-hearted experience that playfully appeals to users of all ages, straight from iTunes with no web required.

“Who has time for these “url’s” anyway? Everything we need is right here in our mobile apps. Flight Doodle takes you to a unique place where you can play, create and discover, free of all that browser nonsense” says co-founder of Eyedip, Steven Fleisher.

Yes, Flight Doodle makes the web virtually obsolete. Using the balloon editor, players can personalize their very own thermal airships with doodles and imported photos. Having a unique look is important because players can also see visual leaderboards using OpenFeint. As players float by, the custom balloons of other players are faded into the background, marking the most recent high scores in real-time!

“Flight Doodle is simple and fun to pick up and play, but has tons of obstacles to discover, new heights to reach, and infinite possibilities in balloon design” says Jeremy Adelman, co-founder of Eyedip. “We’re also adding new game modes every two weeks through September!”

Flight Doodle for the iPhone is available for $0.99 from the iTunes App Store at

Flight Doodle HD for the iPad is available for $2.99 from the iTunes App Store at

Flight Doodle Lite for the iPhone is available free from the iTunes App Store at

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